Back to school day!!

Monday, March 31, 2008
although the number of people who actually wore their uniforms were damned low, i managed to snap a few pics... hope that more people will participate in the next "dress up"....

Me and Carmen

David, me and Alex

from left, Alex, me, Wai Kit, David
Fei and Me(why the heck are my eyes so big!!!)

Dress up week@taylors

Sunday, March 30, 2008
yes, people, it's dress up week again, and Monday is back to school day, so grab your school uniforms and feel like a schoolboy again!!! if you didn't know, ICPU dedicates one week of every semester for dress up week and this is when you will not be laughed at for having a bad fashion sense!! coming up is backwards tuesday, formal wednesday, cool vs nerd thursday, and traditional friday...hope to see more people joining in thus activity!!


Thursday, March 27, 2008

Today is the test day for OSSLT(Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test), and i did something very stupid...

The Test is split into 2 sessions and 2 papers, and during the first session, we had one and a half hours to complete paper 1, little did i know that paper 2 is to be done in the second session( i did not attend the osslt workshop). What i did was i completed the paper 1 and paper 2 in the first session, not knowing anything. Only when i was halfway finishing my essay did the lecturer told me that i can't do paper 2, WTF!!, i stopped with my essay half finished and my intelligence challenged, i felt really stupid, so during the 20 minutes break between session 1 and 2,i was to stay in the staffroom to prevent me from leaking the information on paper 2. Fair enough, the nightmare part is when session 2 started, i completed my essay in 30 minutes and i still have one and a half hours of waiting(p.s i hate waiting), okay, i tried to sleep....but i can't, tried counting sheeps even, didn't work, so i literally sat in the examination room for 1 1/2 hours doing nothing....crap....lesson learnt here people..


Sunday, March 23, 2008

tickets courtesy of CLF!!! thanks dude!!!


Tuesday, March 18, 2008

i just sent my pc for a "checkup", because of a unknown problem, even the technicians are baffled by the cause of my blackscreening(which happens only while playing mmorpg's), they told me to leave it to them for a few days, it's been only 2 days and all i can say is damn i feel empty without my pc, with all my assignment data in it, and 800 pics and around 300 songs, suddenly i am plunged into a world of darkness, i know, i am over reacting, so i got myself 2 seasons of Rome the series and i can say that it's a good series and it may keep me entertained while my pc is away, so i am here now armed with some chips and coke, i "explore" ancient rome...


Monday, March 10, 2008

a rather interesting pic i found on the net...


Was tagged by ying xuan, my first post in chinese!!!

>現在幾點: 2008年3月10日 6.50 pm
>你的全名: 郑珽升
>你在哪裡讀書(工作):Taylors university college(icpu)
>你最後吃的一樣東西是什麼: pringles potato chips
>上一次生日蛋糕上蠟燭的數目: 忘了。。。。
>你家養過什麼: 狗,鱼

>星座: Scorpio
>兄弟姊妹跟他們的年紀:我-19 弟-14

>喜歡你目前的生活嗎: 很想回去啊。。
>出生地: 吉隆坡
>目前居住地: Bukit bintang

>曾經出過車禍嗎: 没有
>不敢跟人告白嗎: 太多次了。。。
>喜歡吃啥麼東西: 不臭就应该是可以了
>喜歡喝什麼: 咖啡,咖啡, 咖啡


>最傷心的日子: -
>喜歡的花: 。。。。
>最怕遇到的人: 阎罗王算是人吗?

>擅長的事: ???
>無聊的時候你大多做些什麼:上网, 听歌

>如果有人誤會你,你會: 跟他说清楚来

>要幾歲結婚:28 以上瓜
>依你心裡滴覺得重要度先後排列: 家人 朋友 事业

too hot!!!

damn, looks like i need to splash more cash on my pc again... T.T after checking on a pc tech help forum, i think i have found the problem with my pc, when i bought my nvidia 8800gt, the guy told me this card is real hot and needs high power, so i bought a 460 watt power supply to replace my 300 watt, not knowing that is the bare minimum to run this card, i think im going to get one above 550 watts and not forgetting with that i need an equally good cooling fan, damn i estimate that i will need to fork out around rm500 for these two items...... and i thought rm 1000 for a 8800gt was a steal, i forgot that there is always a catch.... damn...

another john teh incident

Monday, March 3, 2008
today, John decided to take his revenge for blogging about his bad sense of where to eat, so he grabbed some loan shark ad stickers and sticked it to Alan's arm and my back, not to forget that he grabbed some random guy to read the sticker on Alan's back.....note to self, a very dangerous man...

Victim A, me

victim B, Alan