A little update

Wednesday, September 30, 2009
Just a little update here as i currently cannot afford to upload any pictures from Conception Day, Why you asked? because my bandwidth usage is off the roof this month and i think i am gonna get capped again real soon if i do not wise up and cut down on my usage, one thing i hate about my current internet plan is that we are only given a mere 25gb's of bandwidth per month by Telstra Bigpond, and the worst part is we can't switch to other plan as we are out of their range, so we are pretty much stuck with this shitty line....well too bloody bad if you ask me, this is one of the moments i wish there was Streamyx, although their connection is shit at times, but you don't have to worry about bandwidth usage, you can watch youtube all day long(if it loads :P), play online games or even flash games like Farmville in facebook, upload 99999 pictures and videos on your facebook page and blog, stream and download music and videos...etc etc and with my current 25gb's (shared with 2 other people) i can't do any of the above, i have lost count on how many times my friends sent me a link to a funny video on youtube and how i tell them i cannot watch due to bla bla bla...

Anyways, enough of my rant about shitty internet package, now for some updates, i'm now enjoying my 2 week long semester break starting from last week, and this time i have spent it much more wisely compared to last semester!! :D so far i have completed my information systems assignment, accounting major assignment,and accounting tutorial ( which takes forever to do!! just ask any of my coursemates!) not alot i know, but it's a big improvement since i spent last semester's break watching The Office and dunno what else and did no work, and end up shitting bricks when the semester started again.... so! this leaves one assignment to complete! my anthropology essay and just to study for the two upcoming tests! I even ditched tomorrow's Coogee Beach outing to do my essay(i hope Angeline doesn't see this, or she'll kill me X.X)

Well, that is pretty much it for this not so mini update! and i will blog about Conception Day from Uni!! so stay tuned!

Weekend City Getaway

Friday, September 4, 2009
As i have mentioned in one of my previous posts, my mom is visiting me in Sydney for one weekand for the weekend, we went to the explored the city a little, i can't believe in my 7 months here, i have only been to the city only once, =.= so, on Saturday we pretty much just shopped around Chinatown...and had some Japanese food for dinner, food was nothing shout about, then the day pretty much ended as i still have my anthropolgy essay i needed to finish up on, but the real getaway started on Sunday as we walked around the City to The Rocks and The Opera House, but the first order of business was breakfast, and after waiting for so many months, i finally got to eat at Mamak haha, it's a pretty well known Malaysian place and i have always wanted to come here since i have first heard of it!! haha and the food didn't dissapoint like many other Malaysian food served here either, the roti canai tasted almost exactly the same with the ones we have at home haha, but the maggie goreng and nasi lemak was pretty kick ass too, for Australian standard la.. haha

waiting for food at Mamak

Food@Mamak AWESOME!! :P

We then walked to The Rocks which is pretty much a tourist attraction, and shopped, i did not buy anything though, but i saw a cool t-shirt that i liked... too bad it's expensive..$40 is heaps for a t-shirt :( then later there is nothing much to talk about as we just kept walking around and just kept taking pictures, so i would let the pictures do the talking for me :)

Sydney Opera House
some random place lol
Opera house with mom and mom's friend

somewhere in The Rocks

Opera house close up

opera house

Then later at night we went to this chinese restaurant that comes highly recommended by a local friend who mentioned that the "siao long pao's" are a must try and to our surprise, it was beyond awesome!! haha its texture was perfect and the skin wasn't too flimsy, something that most other restaurants fail at.... but these ones here are pure gastronomic orgasm!! (for me) anyways the restaurant is just inside world square... and you can't miss it.. too bad i don't have the address with me...

dinner@ Ding Tai Fung or something like that

And that pretty much sums up my weekend escapade, oh yea it wasn't over just yet, you see, i was supposed to give my uncle a call when i arrive back at the station at home and my phone just happen to run out of battery and i don't remember any numbers to call from a public payphone, not forgetting that the last bus had just left and there was no taxis in sight, and everything was closed except for one cafe and one cyber cafe so i thought i was screwed for sure, but good thing the cyber cafe was there because i had to contact my cousin with msn to tell them that i have reached the station..how stupid of me not to remember the house number at least... another lesson learned here...

R.I.P Slyvester Liew

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

This post is dedicated to a friend of mine who had recently passed away, he goes by the name Slyvester Liew Kah Hoe, but everyone just calls him Sly, he had recently been infected with septicemia , his health has been fluctuating for the past month and a half and on August the 15th, he breathed his last, i personally did not get this news as my parents did not want me to know....then my mom decided to break the news to me last Sunday, at first i thought i must have misheard, as he is the same age as me, and i have known him since we were just little kids, because our dad's happened to be University mates and are really close friends, they hatched a plan to name their sons after action movie stars of that era, the late 80's, he is named after Slyvester Stallone, and i was to be named Arnold, after Arnold Schwarzeneggar, however my mom preferred Benjamin and my Dad somehow agreed to that, and so here we are now...Ben Teh
Back to the topic, although we were not best of friends, we were friends nonetheless, he was like many 20 year old guys, an active person, basketball, gym, nightclubs, you name it, not someone that you will suspect to pass away due to some illness, and the sad part is that he has been perfectly healthy before all of this, and everything changed drastically in 1.5 months, even as i type this, i simply cannot believe that he is really gone, the last time we met was not more than 2 years ago at my house, it is also that time that i have discovered that i have found another Liverpool fan, a rare find in Malaysia as everywhere you go, you can find someone flaming Liverpool... but that is not the purpose of this post, from my perspective, he was a friend anyone could get along with in an instant, cheerful, friendly, fun, maybe a little shy, but once you get to know him, you would know that he is a great guy, i can still remember that we were planning to meet up for yumcha when i am back in Malaysia, unfornately, that day would never come....

His passing has not only brought me a great deal of shock, it has also made me realize the fragility of human life, i can only assume that as young men, many of us would think that we still have a whole life ahead of us, i remember reading from somewhere that us youth have a little sense of invincibility inside us, i would agree to this statement, that is what pushes many of us to do a lot of stupid things, this news is especially distressing for me as i am not at 100% good health either, now i have an even better reason to stop drinking coffee and eating so much fried food. for goodanyways this is a short message to you Sly, whenever you are, it has been a pleasure knowing you as a friend, i am sorry i did not keep in touch with you recently as i did not know your condition was so serious and also that i have been pretty busy with Uni life, but don't worry, you will always be known as a good friend to all of us, you can be sure that you will never be forgotten in our hearts, and do continue to support Liverpool from up there dude, i know we haven't been playing well this season but i am pretty sure that the guys would perform a superb comeback soon, peace out man, stay cool

Slyvester Liew Kah Hoe
17-9-1989 -> 15-8-2009

and i just realized that he was one month short of his birthday....R.I.P dude, i still can't believe that you are really gone forever...