Tommy Emmanuel concert 19-6-2009

Monday, June 22, 2009

My cousin is a big fan of Tommy Emmanuel, he pre-ordered these tickets last year just to make sure he doesn't miss the master of acoustic guitar himself in action, haha i even remember discussing about the concert and i was thinking to myself "ahh there is still a long way to go", well, last friday, that day came, for the first time in my 4 months here. i stepped foot into Sydney's city...pathetic i know..i've been here for 4 months and i have not been to the city anyways...there was nothing to shout about in the city as we went late and did not have much time for sightseeing.... and by 5pm it was night time and it was freaking hard to take good night view pictures with these shaky hands of mine....should have asked cousin to bring along his dslr..

So.... for the concert, we were very lucky to be able to meet and shake hands with Tommy Emmanuel himself!! to have a guitar god standing right beside you is a crazy feeling i tell you!! he even gave a few lucky fans a few tips and tricks on playing the guitar...well those guys are already pro's who bought their own guitars to play along with Tommy backstage...

And for the main event, the concert itself.... this is my very first time watching him live and i was never a big fan of his to start with, i only tagged along with my cousin who was kind enough to buy me a ticket, after wacthing him play, i was simply amazed by his speed and creativity, he was so fast that i think no normal human can achieve that speed, and about his creativity, he utilizes almost every part of the guitar for his songs, i can say that from that very moment, i never looked at the acoustic guitar the same again, there is just so many things you can do with it, as he said "the guitar is a weapon of mass construction" the only downside was that the audio was a bit off, as he turned the volume up too high, the sound is not as sharp as it should be, but it was a fantastic show nonetheless, i will definitely buy a ticket if he ever performs in sydney again!!


Thursday, June 18, 2009
YYEAHH!! EXAMS ARE FINALLY OVER!! i have been looking forward for this day for quite a while... but to be honest, i don't feel all that great and excited, mainly because i know i did very badly in my marketing paper, which i think i will most probably fail...:( the excitement for the holidays faded away
as soon as i flipped open the paper, all the processes that i thought would be important and memorized never came out, to add insult to injury, i was stuck at the most important part of the paper, the case study which weights 40% of the entire paper,so unless i score something close to a full mark in my multiple choice and short answer question, i ill fail marketing....:( i feel so bad for my parents.. :'( well, let this be a lesson to me, i just have to start working hard from the first day of next semester, not during the final month of it

But i am pretty sure no one is here to read about how i did in the exams, so after the exams, i got one of my friends to watch Terminator Salvation with me, and we both agreed that this movie kicked ass!! the best terminator ever!!! behind terminator 2! :P

Also.. i quickly grabbed myself a copy of The Sims 3 from EB games for $69, it was a pretty good deal as the market price is $99!! started playing it yesterday and i really did not feel the excitement as i used to have when playing games...partly because my laptop does not perform half as fast as my desktop :(:(:(

The funny part about after exams is that when i came home, i just dunno what to do....for the past month i've been rushing home for assignments and the like, even more for the past week...which resulted in my now pimply-ish face, ( i was free from pimples for quite a while :P, how ironic that my friends used to call me pimple face, when now they have more pimples than me lol) no longer i have to keep thinking about how much should i get done by today...ahh i think i'm gonna need 1 or 2 days to settle in this "new life" of mine :)