short update

Thursday, October 29, 2009
Arrived back at Sydney on Monday morning and reached home about noon, spent the whole day lazing around as i was too tired to get anything productive done....then straight back to classes on Tuesday, Wednesday and today, Thursday, and it looks like i have a very busy week ahead, on next week itself, my Microsoft Access assignment is due, along with a information systems quiz and management presentation, then the week after, isys practical exam and management test, then the week after marks the beginning of the finals, my first paper would be on the 18th, information systems, followed by accounting on the 23rd and management on the 24th, and finally anthropology on the 30th, well, the timetable isn't as good as the one last semester but it's not bad, at least i get almost a whole week to prepare for anthropology....then year end holidays to come after that!! :D can't wait!!

Back in kl

Saturday, October 17, 2009
I've landed back in K.L a couple of hours ago, however this is a very short trip as i would only be staying for 1 week, the reason for my sudden return is that my grandfather is not doing really well and i just feel that i needed to come back to see him, being the eldest grandson and the alleged "favourite" i feel that it would be extremely rude not to come back to see him, so yea, i'm finally back in kl, something that i never expected as from you can see from my previous posts, i am scheduled to come back sometime late 2010, just another indicator of how unpredictable life can be. But still, its good to be back, i've notice quite a few changes around certain areas, heck even my own house looks a little bit different from what i remember! Soooo. thats about it, will try to update with whatever i can think of! (conception day post will come sometime tomorrow!)