I'm backkkkkkkkkkkkk

Friday, November 4, 2011
Wow, its been so long it's not even funny. I've actually totally forgotten how i have a blog, until i was sidetracked from assignments and thought to myself "hey! lets go read my old blog!" (wait, didn't i say i've totally forgotten that i have a blog? well i guess anything goes for the distracted mind) Then i realized how much fun it is to read back on old posts and yadda yadda yadda, i finally decided to revive my blog.

So, here i am, more than a year later since my last post (i think) And so much has changed, for instance, i saw one of my posts about me eating at Mamak Malaysian Restaurant, yeah i work there now... which brings us to... I actually have a job now! well as a waiter, but what can one expect for a part time job (i'm still in uni, i guess that hasn't changed) I am no longer obsessed with keeping my hair long, sense finally came into my mind i guess. Anddddd, well i can't think of anything more now, i mean, it's been a whole damn year, and also it's 2 in the morning which reminds me, i actually legging it for my last assignments in uni, after all the talk about not leaving things till the last minute, i guess that remains the same for me...

Alright, i think i'm just gonna leave it up to here for now, i'm sure there will be many interesting things to post about when i finally complete my bachelors degree (i hope), which is in a couple of weeks, but if not, there will always be daily shenanigans going on to keep things interesting (which makes the title of this blog to be moot) like how i was trying to kill this cockroach that snuck into my room at 3am the other day and how agile it, but agility alone means jackshit in my books, i finally killed it and went to bed in peace. Till next time!