2008 elections

Thursday, February 28, 2008
with the coming of the 2008 elections, here is a nice video to give you an idea of who to vote.

LRT technical problem...again!!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

i understand that problems do occur once in a while and things don't as we like, but this is too much!!! for quite a few times, the putra lrt has caused me to be late for several times and today is the worst!!!! it was all running smoothly until i reached the amapang park station, when only 2 out of 4 doors opened, causing people to psuh around, okay, that's tolerable, but it gets worse, they stop in the station without opening the door for about a minute or so and they start to depart several minutes after closing the doors, which caused a massive delay for everyone, so i heard a few "tch's" and sighs, i wasn't that pissed until they even slowed the train down, so the train would normally take 3 minutes to reach its next destination has became 10,i guess something went really as they had to suspend the train at taman jaya due to technical difficulties, i felt like the luckiest guy as my destination was taman jaya and the train was suspended IN taman jaya, how lucky can you get?? ahh.. putra lrt cannot afford mistakes like this as many many people are relying on the lrt system, if you go down, we go down, i sure hope that the government will fulfill their promise to improve the transportation system as we need it badly!!!! i am sure that almost everyone has come across their own version of lrt screw ups right?

National service

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

i got a random sms from one of my national service friends a few days ago, hmm,.. reminded me of my national service days, you can say that i enjoyed my 3 months of national service as i can tell you i've learned a lot from that experience,amongst them are washing my own clothes to standing under the scorching hot sun for 2 hours straight, but the most important thing is that i have learn to get along with people, regardless of ethnicity, in camp, we came from many different parts of Malaysia, and that has gotten rid of my misconception about others, people always say people from this race are like that, often enough you will hear "it's them again,it's always them it's in their nature to act like that", this common stereotype against other races has made my first few days... hellish, but i soon made friends and found out that those statements are not always true and it was after that i have started enjoying being a national serviceman, for those of you who got your letter and is trying to escape, you have to feel lucky that you have the chance as it is only a once in a lifetime experience...for me, i would love to go again, but alas, this is only my point of view and i am sure that everyone has their own opinions, and this post of mine is not intended to offend anyone or whatsoever

the john teh incident...

it was just a normal break as usual until John brought us to "Pan's bakery" to eat, okay, first impression, nice environment and atmosphere, we(except for john) thought that this might be a good place after all, until the food came, first of all, they didn't take my order and i got served half an hour later, watching my friends chow down their food, then, complains flew, "the fries suck!!" "this chicken is crap!!" "the rice is like ketupat!!" "ben, cancel your order!!" i somehow decided to try it myself what is so bad, i eventually got served at 11:30, where my class starts at 11:45, not forgetting that college is 10 minutes walk away, i had to choke down my food and rush to college, when i reached class, i was on the verge of puking!! Yes, John, if you are reading this, you owe me lunch or you could keep clicking on my ad for an hour!!

bomb scare in inti?!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008
if any of you guys are studying in the subang area( taylors, metro, inti, sri kl) you should have already know that there was a bomb scare in inti college yesterday at arounf 4pm, i didnt witness it first hand yesterday as i was sick at home,but what i know is that they got everyone evacuated and had the firefighters a.k.a Bomba to help with the situation, whether the bomb was real or not is still a mystery to me and my bet would be it's just a prank, i mean, why would anyone want to bomb a college? i mean if i were a terrorist(which i am not) and i had a bomb(also which i do not have), i would bomb the parliament or something like that, but who knows? after all, it takes a terrorist to know another, but i sure hope that it's just a prank as i do not like the idea that the college right beside mine is going to explode at any given time!!

need computer expert advice!!!

Monday, February 11, 2008
i need some computing advice here, really hope that i can get some feedbaack soon, lately i tried a online game called mo siang online, really fun, but what makes me mad is that whenever i play that game on my pc, the screen will suddenly go black and i have to restart the computer, i tried tweaking the security systems and firewall, and also re-installing but none of that seems the solve the problem, the funny thing is that it runs smoothly on my 4 year old comp but not my new comp(with the nvidia 8800GT), i've tried looking in forums but no solutions have been posted, so if anyone knows what to do or you just know a computer expert, just let me know,i thank you in advance.


Sunday, February 10, 2008
Let me wish all of you a belated happy chinese new year, forgive me for not wishing this earlier, but i am here sincerely wishing everyone a prosperous and healthy new year!!