I'm backkkkkkkkkkkkk

Friday, November 4, 2011
Wow, its been so long it's not even funny. I've actually totally forgotten how i have a blog, until i was sidetracked from assignments and thought to myself "hey! lets go read my old blog!" (wait, didn't i say i've totally forgotten that i have a blog? well i guess anything goes for the distracted mind) Then i realized how much fun it is to read back on old posts and yadda yadda yadda, i finally decided to revive my blog.

So, here i am, more than a year later since my last post (i think) And so much has changed, for instance, i saw one of my posts about me eating at Mamak Malaysian Restaurant, yeah i work there now... which brings us to... I actually have a job now! well as a waiter, but what can one expect for a part time job (i'm still in uni, i guess that hasn't changed) I am no longer obsessed with keeping my hair long, sense finally came into my mind i guess. Anddddd, well i can't think of anything more now, i mean, it's been a whole damn year, and also it's 2 in the morning which reminds me, i actually legging it for my last assignments in uni, after all the talk about not leaving things till the last minute, i guess that remains the same for me...

Alright, i think i'm just gonna leave it up to here for now, i'm sure there will be many interesting things to post about when i finally complete my bachelors degree (i hope), which is in a couple of weeks, but if not, there will always be daily shenanigans going on to keep things interesting (which makes the title of this blog to be moot) like how i was trying to kill this cockroach that snuck into my room at 3am the other day and how agile it, but agility alone means jackshit in my books, i finally killed it and went to bed in peace. Till next time!

Year 2 Semester 1

Tuesday, February 23, 2010
It feels like it was just yesterday that i was studying for my final exams and i just couldn't wait for the summer holidays to come, fast forward to to 2 months and 2 weeks later, here i am again, starting my second year in uni, it's been a while since i last turned on my table lamp, haha the only complain i have is how messed up my timetable is, long breaks between classes and sometimes even going to uni for just one lecture just isn't fun at all, oh well, at least i could utilize that time to get some productive work done, as i have discovered that i tend to work much more efficiently in the library than at home...given that i have the attention span of a housefly

On another note, i am quite looking forward to this semester, why you asked me? i don't really know myself, but i just have a good feeling about it. I did achieve the goal of improving academically last semester albeit not very significantly but i do plan to improve further this semester by taking up some a few study tips and advices that i have received....

Oh and lastly, i might try looking for a job again soon, as soon as the semester kicks into full gear and i feel that i can cope with it....although a little something has undermined this plan because on the very first day of uni, i have already received a major assignment.....a 2500 word essay which is worth 20%, although i haven't done any essay close to this behemoth, i am thinking of the shitload of research i will have to do, last year for my anthropology essay, it took me quite a long time to compile all the information i need for my 1500 word essay and i have to say that i nearly smashed my head into a wall in frustration on how much information that i collected was not relevant to what i wanted to write about...well people do learn from past mistakes and i sure hope that i do learn from mine! lol

And that pretty much sums up everything i have to say in this post, till the next post! :)


Sunday, February 7, 2010
I'm not going to say much in this post.... just three words...which is.....OOHHH MYYY GAAWWWDDD!!! and one picture..

Start of holidays

Tuesday, December 1, 2009
Okay, first things first!! my exams are finally over!! it's bad enough that when i had just started my exams, a lot of my friends are having their holidays and back in Malaysia... but that doesn't matter anymore does it? XD and unlike last semester, i do not feel like crap because i know i didn't flunk my exams, or that's what i think..:P anyways, i won't be heading back to Malaysia for quite a while as i will be heading to Melbourne this Saturday to meet up with my family, and then after a week, we will return to Sydney and will remain here until January...damn i can't wait ti get back, so many friends to meet, so many things to catch up with, so many outing sessions to attend!! oh and i also recently bought a new camera.. so that means that future posts might actually have a few pictures instead of just plain wall of text like what you are seeing right now...okay.. that's about the end of this post, now time for me to get back to Fallout 3!! :D

short update

Thursday, October 29, 2009
Arrived back at Sydney on Monday morning and reached home about noon, spent the whole day lazing around as i was too tired to get anything productive done....then straight back to classes on Tuesday, Wednesday and today, Thursday, and it looks like i have a very busy week ahead, on next week itself, my Microsoft Access assignment is due, along with a information systems quiz and management presentation, then the week after, isys practical exam and management test, then the week after marks the beginning of the finals, my first paper would be on the 18th, information systems, followed by accounting on the 23rd and management on the 24th, and finally anthropology on the 30th, well, the timetable isn't as good as the one last semester but it's not bad, at least i get almost a whole week to prepare for anthropology....then year end holidays to come after that!! :D can't wait!!

Back in kl

Saturday, October 17, 2009
I've landed back in K.L a couple of hours ago, however this is a very short trip as i would only be staying for 1 week, the reason for my sudden return is that my grandfather is not doing really well and i just feel that i needed to come back to see him, being the eldest grandson and the alleged "favourite" i feel that it would be extremely rude not to come back to see him, so yea, i'm finally back in kl, something that i never expected as from you can see from my previous posts, i am scheduled to come back sometime late 2010, just another indicator of how unpredictable life can be. But still, its good to be back, i've notice quite a few changes around certain areas, heck even my own house looks a little bit different from what i remember! Soooo. thats about it, will try to update with whatever i can think of! (conception day post will come sometime tomorrow!)

A little update

Wednesday, September 30, 2009
Just a little update here as i currently cannot afford to upload any pictures from Conception Day, Why you asked? because my bandwidth usage is off the roof this month and i think i am gonna get capped again real soon if i do not wise up and cut down on my usage, one thing i hate about my current internet plan is that we are only given a mere 25gb's of bandwidth per month by Telstra Bigpond, and the worst part is we can't switch to other plan as we are out of their range, so we are pretty much stuck with this shitty line....well too bloody bad if you ask me, this is one of the moments i wish there was Streamyx, although their connection is shit at times, but you don't have to worry about bandwidth usage, you can watch youtube all day long(if it loads :P), play online games or even flash games like Farmville in facebook, upload 99999 pictures and videos on your facebook page and blog, stream and download music and videos...etc etc and with my current 25gb's (shared with 2 other people) i can't do any of the above, i have lost count on how many times my friends sent me a link to a funny video on youtube and how i tell them i cannot watch due to bla bla bla...

Anyways, enough of my rant about shitty internet package, now for some updates, i'm now enjoying my 2 week long semester break starting from last week, and this time i have spent it much more wisely compared to last semester!! :D so far i have completed my information systems assignment, accounting major assignment,and accounting tutorial ( which takes forever to do!! just ask any of my coursemates!) not alot i know, but it's a big improvement since i spent last semester's break watching The Office and dunno what else and did no work, and end up shitting bricks when the semester started again.... so! this leaves one assignment to complete! my anthropology essay and just to study for the two upcoming tests! I even ditched tomorrow's Coogee Beach outing to do my essay(i hope Angeline doesn't see this, or she'll kill me X.X)

Well, that is pretty much it for this not so mini update! and i will blog about Conception Day from Uni!! so stay tuned!