Wednesday, January 21, 2009

You Should Learn Chinese

Surprised? You shouldn't be - Chinese is perfect for an ambitious person like you.

You're a natural entrepreneur, and a billion people are waiting to do business with you!

i think this quiz is meant for and is made by Americans.. lol because i already know "Chinese", not to mention there is no "Chinese Language", it should be like mandarin, cantonese, hakka, etc etc.....haha


Your IQ Is 95

Your Logical Intelligence is Below Average

Your Verbal Intelligence is Exceptional

Your Mathematical Intelligence is Average

Your General Knowledge is Exceptional

Oh No!!

Going for a dental appointment on Thursday to fill some teeth!!!it's been many years since i last had my teeth filled!!!! if i'm not wrong, i need to fill 3 more teeth!! darn i guess all the coffee must have taken it's toll on my teeth, because i don't eat sweets or smoke or drink much, yea maybe i had one too many chocolate bars too :P wish me luck guys!!! i sure hope i don't end up like the guy above!!!

On another note, i got my first dent today, a dent on my mom's car that is, shitty little signboard on a shittily narrow road!! damn it was around 1 month without any damages to the car haha!! too bad my lucky "streak" ended today :(:(:( i would have uploaded the picture here but my camera is still in the repair shop(yes i broke my cam!!! ) so it's now up to u guys to imagine how much damage a little signboard to do to a Toyota Avanza... lolz

Game boy!!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Toughest substance known to man indeed!! these things can even withstand a bomb blast!!! haha i have one of these, but i think it's screwed in the inside, can't read many cartridges and even when it reads, the display looks messed up :(

Personality Test....

Thursday, January 15, 2009
Paranoid Disorder:Moderate
Schizoid Disorder:Low
Schizotypal Disorder:Moderate
Antisocial Disorder:Moderate
Borderline Disorder:Low
Histrionic Disorder:Moderate
Narcissistic Disorder:High
Avoidant Disorder:Moderate
Dependent Disorder:Low
Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder:Low

-- Personality Disorder Test - Take It! --
-- Personality Disorders --


Tuesday, January 13, 2009
was boringly surfing the web until i saw the ad for an upcoming movie, "Dragon Ball Evolution", one of my favorite cartoons back in the days, so decided to take a peek at the trailer..... not surpisingly, it looks kind of bad, i always doubted that anyone can pull of a live action dragon ball movie, it is just humanly impossible with the present technology(unless, of course, it's a crappy one), the power beams, the auras, the golden hair, the aliens....My biggest dissapointment is that Picollo from the trailer looks like The Grinch in

I know that they put a lot of effort into making movies and i'm gonna watch it when it's out, i may be wrong about it and remember people used to say that the Transformers movie wasn't going to be a success, and look how they surprised everyone!!anyways here's the trailer...

4 more weeks...

Sunday, January 11, 2009
It's 4 more weeks until i leave for Australia, and i'm feeling pretty nervous... sigh... little did i know i will feel like this, i was pretty excited when i was applying for Mac Uni, sure, i've left home for a couple of months when i was in national service(which i was very excited to go to as well), but this time i will be a few thousand miles away from home....But maybe i just need a little getting used to, same thing happened when i was in national service, i was pretty damn eager to have some sort of military training(or i used thought it would be) until i reached my camp, felt like crap for a week and was enjoying since then....damn i'll be missing my family and friends, and my desktop!!! Few of you might know that gaming and music is my form of stress release... whenever i play a game that i enjoy, all my worries dissapear and i won't be thinking of anything stupid....but i won't be able to bring my desktop to Australia, hence why i bought a laptop, a pavillion dv-4, a mid range one, she runs pretty smoothly except for gaming, my desktop is a 3gb ram, and runs on a Nvidia 8800gt which cost me rm900 for the card alone, back when i bought it, it was your best bang for yourbuck(a similar model sells for abt rm500+ now, shit!!), now ii'll have to get used to a 14inch, 2gb, Nvidia 9200m GS, laptop, oh well, at least it's still widescreen :P, and she plays HD DVD's(which is no longer in production!! WTF!!!).

But with everything bad(if this is even bad) that happens, comes a blessing, maybe i'll be able to put a stop on gaming and concentrate on studies when i'm there, hopefully Uni will keep me away from gaming and not the other way around!! lolz

on another note, HAPPY 2009!!! and that technically makes me 20, but theoretically i am still 19 going 20 coz my birthday is on november...ANYWAYS!!! I AM SO NOT PREPARED FOR BEING 20!!! BEING 20 MEANS NO MORE FOOLING AROUND, 20 MEANS IM NO LONGER A TEENAGER!! 20 MEANS ENTERING ADULTHOOD!!! AND BEING 20 MEANS PEOPLE CAN SUE ME!!!(not too sure abt this) and the list goes on and on....................