Start of holidays

Tuesday, December 1, 2009
Okay, first things first!! my exams are finally over!! it's bad enough that when i had just started my exams, a lot of my friends are having their holidays and back in Malaysia... but that doesn't matter anymore does it? XD and unlike last semester, i do not feel like crap because i know i didn't flunk my exams, or that's what i think..:P anyways, i won't be heading back to Malaysia for quite a while as i will be heading to Melbourne this Saturday to meet up with my family, and then after a week, we will return to Sydney and will remain here until January...damn i can't wait ti get back, so many friends to meet, so many things to catch up with, so many outing sessions to attend!! oh and i also recently bought a new camera.. so that means that future posts might actually have a few pictures instead of just plain wall of text like what you are seeing right now...okay.. that's about the end of this post, now time for me to get back to Fallout 3!! :D