Tuesday, March 24, 2009
No... I am not talking about the hit series 24, sure wish i was, Jack Bauer can do so many things in 24 hours, he can save the president, save a bunch of hostages, save some random hostage, disarm a nuclear device, kill a bunch of baddies all in 24 hours, while i can't even balance my uni life and social life in 24 hours, let alone save the world, Uni is very much different from how i have been educated all these years, here lecturers do not care if you slack in the exercises or if you arrive late or even if you skip class, you are pretty much on your own in uni, almost everything is done all by yourself here...and i am not exactly a person who can sit and revise all night have i even mentioned how hard is it to make real friends here? Most of my friends are from the same tutorials, and we only meet once a week, unlike the 5 times a week schedule that we all have been used to, don't even talk about lectures or practicals, well in lectures i pretty much don't talk to anyone except maybe the guy beside me because the rest of the time is spent on listening to the lecture, and in practicals, everyone leaves once they complete the days questions... dammit i feel like i am losing my social skills here, i used to get along with a lot of people and never had any trouble making friends, i really don't know what is happening to me...anyways i got to return to my books or i will be left far behind!! ciao!

I give up!!

Saturday, March 21, 2009
After several cock ups when i was trying to upload several unofficial blogger layout skins, i finally gave up and stuck with a blogger layout instead, i know it sucks but i have to delay the revamp as i have many other more important matters to deal with for now... I'm not going to spend so much time on figuring these HTML codes out...damn, i should have paid more attention in HTML class last time, i used to find HTML as boring as watching a log rot and thought that since i'm not much of a IT person, i shall not give a damn about these stupid codes and stuff, well too bad so sad, so flame me for being an inept when it comes to HTML, maybe when i really have nothing better to do, i will figure out these damn codes and see how this thing works, for now i will need to get my shit together for the next philosophy test and try not to screw it up like last week, which i only scored 67.50%... wish me luck guys, and i hope this counts as some sort of update?

Blog Revamp

Saturday, March 14, 2009
Hey there everyone, as you may have already notice, i have changed the layout for my blog, and i'm thinking of doing a major revamp of my blog, starting from my blog name and maybe adding a blog header, i would appreciate any suggestions that any of you may have, especially on the blog name...and what other things i can do to make my blog more attractive, if you do have any suggestions, just leave them here or you can just tell me in msn, meanwhile i'm signing off to prepare for my coming Philosphy and Marketing test... Cheers everyone!

I need more practise!!!

Monday, March 2, 2009

I've watched this video millions of time before i came to Australia, i was amazed from the first time until now, and also today i have unlimited bandwidth to spare, i can watch it over and over again!! it's people like this that make me want to practise 24/7, right now i am not even a tenth of a guitarist as he is, and he is only 16!!! speaking of which, i better go and practise while people are not trying to sleep, maybe after i buy a headphone that can be plugged into my amp, i can practise more often!!

Uni Life.....

Sunday, March 1, 2009
Hey there!! My last post was made a week ago(i think), and much have changed in that week! So here goes, my timetable has been rearranged!! now i only have to go to uni 4 times a week!! however that was not without a cost... my classes on Monday, Tuesday starts from 3pm to 8pm, and Wednesday from 10am to 1pm, Thursday would be from 5pm to 8pm..some might say i made a stupid decision by having so many evening classes, but i had no choice, i didn't want a 5 hour gap between classes and it's the lesser of the two evils, and not to mention that the train from my uni leaves at 8:02 if i want to make the 8:30 bus ride back home, that means i need to sprint my way from class to the station(the walking distance between one of the farther classes is 10 minutes), or i have to gain some sort of superhuman speed.... but at least i can still catch the 9pm bus back home....so it isn't that bad and also not to mention that evening classes are less packed and i can concentrate better.

And also i have now developed a new interest!!! i actually watch tv series!!!!! which was something i never did for couple of years...so far i've finished heroes Season 3, Merlin, Family Guy season 1, and also i am almost done with The Office season 2..... oh god.. i feel like such a girl now...i'm chasing The Office!!! I want to know if Jim will crash Pam's marriage?? will Pam marry Roy?!?!?! i can't believe i am so caught up with all these things haha!!

And that wasn't the only new interest ive developed!!! there have been a news addition to the household after my arrival here..... i will let the picture do the talking..

Nah.. i didn't buy it.. my cousin bought it..anyways playing games in HD is pretty cool!!! but too bad we only have one game now.... which is as you can see... "Dead Space" Where you blast mustated human corpses in pitch black darkness(pretty much like Doom if you ask me)

And that's pretty much it with whats been going on for this week...maybe i'll take some pictures in uni and post them here in my next post?