Wednesday, October 31, 2007
With the ending of semester, everyone is panicking with the final exams and thinking about what subjects to take in the next semester, for me, i have chosen four which are Law, Families, Econs and LAN(malaysian studies), my friend tells me that law is tough and world issues is easier, so i attended a trial class today just to see how is world issues, still i can still switch if i can't handle law, but only in the beginning, now i have only one big question, World issues or Law???

reason for not blogging

Monday, October 29, 2007
i haven't been blogging for so long is because of the phone line porblem at my house, there's no dial tone, no dial tone means no calling anywhere, mind you i am using the dial up connection T.T,i know, i know, why not streamyx?! my line got cut long ago and my dad and me went to their office to settle some things, somehow we manage to work out that they reconnect them but that was months ago.... now i am thinking of getting a new line... =.= well,nothing i can do but wait for the telekom guy(which came few days ago and did nothing but ask me what was wrong with the phone...LOL?!?!, i was thinking "your job is to fix these, you tell me" so now i have to blog in my college, which is also having internet problems... tell me about coincidence!!


Friday, October 19, 2007
Just finished two tests, IB and data management, wow!! data sure was hard...IB was okay, and sure hope that i do okay in all the tests!! been busy studying for IB test that i neglected my english homework...its due today but i still haven't done anything...arrghh!!!i hate poems!!!but i guess there's no choice huh??? so, till the next post!

coffee caffeine coffee caffeine

Wednesday, October 10, 2007
been feeling very tired lately....tried coffee but they don't work anymore, i still get drowsy in class..especially the last period..psychology is my favourite subject and i find it very interesting, couldnt be boredom that's causing this...i've been drinking lots of coffee since around last year when i was preparing for spm... i always thought that coffee would give me the extra push but i can't feel it lately...maybe it's just all in my head? haha but i am not totally addicted to it!! maximum three cups a day and maybe four on bad days...anyways been reading about coffee and it's not very good, kills cell rapidly and bla bla bla...but it helps with some sort of cancer...hmm...maybe if i survive a cancer(if i have any), i would look a lot older than i really am!! lol!!!wat am i talking about anyway?? i think i should stop drinking this "get old fast" drink!!

Lucky day?

Tuesday, October 9, 2007
I got kind of lucky yesterday because the due date for the thousand word essay has been delayed!!! i barely had 300 words done so far,lucky for me, Ms. Erin decided to extended the dateline for us!! yay!! test again today, but this test would be the last for psychology until the finals!! which just reminded me that the finals is about a month away! gee, time sure flies huh? got to go now!!

Nice Long Weekend

Monday, October 8, 2007
Wow...its been too long since my last post, getting lazier these days..haha, i had a long weekend this week as i've got friday off because of some meeting between all icpu teachers, went to surfnet that night to enjoy a few dota matches with my old friends from school, then i got texted by clf asking to go back to school on the next day, the six formers were having their activities that day and we planned to visit our old frens, managed to meet some of them but many others were not there...i practiced football with clf and badminton with siu cheng, got tired and got invited by the guys from last night for another match of dota, well no one cant turn down a nice match!!! then went back to granddad's house to celebrate grandma's 73rd birthday, phew, what a busy day. I thought i could rest on Sunday but i was wrong, went to ampang park with my national service buddy and ended up doing nothing much but talk talk talk, well after that i got my rest and there goes my nice long weekend!