Start of holidays

Tuesday, December 1, 2009
Okay, first things first!! my exams are finally over!! it's bad enough that when i had just started my exams, a lot of my friends are having their holidays and back in Malaysia... but that doesn't matter anymore does it? XD and unlike last semester, i do not feel like crap because i know i didn't flunk my exams, or that's what i think..:P anyways, i won't be heading back to Malaysia for quite a while as i will be heading to Melbourne this Saturday to meet up with my family, and then after a week, we will return to Sydney and will remain here until January...damn i can't wait ti get back, so many friends to meet, so many things to catch up with, so many outing sessions to attend!! oh and i also recently bought a new camera.. so that means that future posts might actually have a few pictures instead of just plain wall of text like what you are seeing right now...okay.. that's about the end of this post, now time for me to get back to Fallout 3!! :D

short update

Thursday, October 29, 2009
Arrived back at Sydney on Monday morning and reached home about noon, spent the whole day lazing around as i was too tired to get anything productive done....then straight back to classes on Tuesday, Wednesday and today, Thursday, and it looks like i have a very busy week ahead, on next week itself, my Microsoft Access assignment is due, along with a information systems quiz and management presentation, then the week after, isys practical exam and management test, then the week after marks the beginning of the finals, my first paper would be on the 18th, information systems, followed by accounting on the 23rd and management on the 24th, and finally anthropology on the 30th, well, the timetable isn't as good as the one last semester but it's not bad, at least i get almost a whole week to prepare for anthropology....then year end holidays to come after that!! :D can't wait!!

Back in kl

Saturday, October 17, 2009
I've landed back in K.L a couple of hours ago, however this is a very short trip as i would only be staying for 1 week, the reason for my sudden return is that my grandfather is not doing really well and i just feel that i needed to come back to see him, being the eldest grandson and the alleged "favourite" i feel that it would be extremely rude not to come back to see him, so yea, i'm finally back in kl, something that i never expected as from you can see from my previous posts, i am scheduled to come back sometime late 2010, just another indicator of how unpredictable life can be. But still, its good to be back, i've notice quite a few changes around certain areas, heck even my own house looks a little bit different from what i remember! Soooo. thats about it, will try to update with whatever i can think of! (conception day post will come sometime tomorrow!)

A little update

Wednesday, September 30, 2009
Just a little update here as i currently cannot afford to upload any pictures from Conception Day, Why you asked? because my bandwidth usage is off the roof this month and i think i am gonna get capped again real soon if i do not wise up and cut down on my usage, one thing i hate about my current internet plan is that we are only given a mere 25gb's of bandwidth per month by Telstra Bigpond, and the worst part is we can't switch to other plan as we are out of their range, so we are pretty much stuck with this shitty line....well too bloody bad if you ask me, this is one of the moments i wish there was Streamyx, although their connection is shit at times, but you don't have to worry about bandwidth usage, you can watch youtube all day long(if it loads :P), play online games or even flash games like Farmville in facebook, upload 99999 pictures and videos on your facebook page and blog, stream and download music and videos...etc etc and with my current 25gb's (shared with 2 other people) i can't do any of the above, i have lost count on how many times my friends sent me a link to a funny video on youtube and how i tell them i cannot watch due to bla bla bla...

Anyways, enough of my rant about shitty internet package, now for some updates, i'm now enjoying my 2 week long semester break starting from last week, and this time i have spent it much more wisely compared to last semester!! :D so far i have completed my information systems assignment, accounting major assignment,and accounting tutorial ( which takes forever to do!! just ask any of my coursemates!) not alot i know, but it's a big improvement since i spent last semester's break watching The Office and dunno what else and did no work, and end up shitting bricks when the semester started again.... so! this leaves one assignment to complete! my anthropology essay and just to study for the two upcoming tests! I even ditched tomorrow's Coogee Beach outing to do my essay(i hope Angeline doesn't see this, or she'll kill me X.X)

Well, that is pretty much it for this not so mini update! and i will blog about Conception Day from Uni!! so stay tuned!

Weekend City Getaway

Friday, September 4, 2009
As i have mentioned in one of my previous posts, my mom is visiting me in Sydney for one weekand for the weekend, we went to the explored the city a little, i can't believe in my 7 months here, i have only been to the city only once, =.= so, on Saturday we pretty much just shopped around Chinatown...and had some Japanese food for dinner, food was nothing shout about, then the day pretty much ended as i still have my anthropolgy essay i needed to finish up on, but the real getaway started on Sunday as we walked around the City to The Rocks and The Opera House, but the first order of business was breakfast, and after waiting for so many months, i finally got to eat at Mamak haha, it's a pretty well known Malaysian place and i have always wanted to come here since i have first heard of it!! haha and the food didn't dissapoint like many other Malaysian food served here either, the roti canai tasted almost exactly the same with the ones we have at home haha, but the maggie goreng and nasi lemak was pretty kick ass too, for Australian standard la.. haha

waiting for food at Mamak

Food@Mamak AWESOME!! :P

We then walked to The Rocks which is pretty much a tourist attraction, and shopped, i did not buy anything though, but i saw a cool t-shirt that i liked... too bad it's expensive..$40 is heaps for a t-shirt :( then later there is nothing much to talk about as we just kept walking around and just kept taking pictures, so i would let the pictures do the talking for me :)

Sydney Opera House
some random place lol
Opera house with mom and mom's friend

somewhere in The Rocks

Opera house close up

opera house

Then later at night we went to this chinese restaurant that comes highly recommended by a local friend who mentioned that the "siao long pao's" are a must try and to our surprise, it was beyond awesome!! haha its texture was perfect and the skin wasn't too flimsy, something that most other restaurants fail at.... but these ones here are pure gastronomic orgasm!! (for me) anyways the restaurant is just inside world square... and you can't miss it.. too bad i don't have the address with me...

dinner@ Ding Tai Fung or something like that

And that pretty much sums up my weekend escapade, oh yea it wasn't over just yet, you see, i was supposed to give my uncle a call when i arrive back at the station at home and my phone just happen to run out of battery and i don't remember any numbers to call from a public payphone, not forgetting that the last bus had just left and there was no taxis in sight, and everything was closed except for one cafe and one cyber cafe so i thought i was screwed for sure, but good thing the cyber cafe was there because i had to contact my cousin with msn to tell them that i have reached the stupid of me not to remember the house number at least... another lesson learned here...

R.I.P Slyvester Liew

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

This post is dedicated to a friend of mine who had recently passed away, he goes by the name Slyvester Liew Kah Hoe, but everyone just calls him Sly, he had recently been infected with septicemia , his health has been fluctuating for the past month and a half and on August the 15th, he breathed his last, i personally did not get this news as my parents did not want me to know....then my mom decided to break the news to me last Sunday, at first i thought i must have misheard, as he is the same age as me, and i have known him since we were just little kids, because our dad's happened to be University mates and are really close friends, they hatched a plan to name their sons after action movie stars of that era, the late 80's, he is named after Slyvester Stallone, and i was to be named Arnold, after Arnold Schwarzeneggar, however my mom preferred Benjamin and my Dad somehow agreed to that, and so here we are now...Ben Teh
Back to the topic, although we were not best of friends, we were friends nonetheless, he was like many 20 year old guys, an active person, basketball, gym, nightclubs, you name it, not someone that you will suspect to pass away due to some illness, and the sad part is that he has been perfectly healthy before all of this, and everything changed drastically in 1.5 months, even as i type this, i simply cannot believe that he is really gone, the last time we met was not more than 2 years ago at my house, it is also that time that i have discovered that i have found another Liverpool fan, a rare find in Malaysia as everywhere you go, you can find someone flaming Liverpool... but that is not the purpose of this post, from my perspective, he was a friend anyone could get along with in an instant, cheerful, friendly, fun, maybe a little shy, but once you get to know him, you would know that he is a great guy, i can still remember that we were planning to meet up for yumcha when i am back in Malaysia, unfornately, that day would never come....

His passing has not only brought me a great deal of shock, it has also made me realize the fragility of human life, i can only assume that as young men, many of us would think that we still have a whole life ahead of us, i remember reading from somewhere that us youth have a little sense of invincibility inside us, i would agree to this statement, that is what pushes many of us to do a lot of stupid things, this news is especially distressing for me as i am not at 100% good health either, now i have an even better reason to stop drinking coffee and eating so much fried food. for goodanyways this is a short message to you Sly, whenever you are, it has been a pleasure knowing you as a friend, i am sorry i did not keep in touch with you recently as i did not know your condition was so serious and also that i have been pretty busy with Uni life, but don't worry, you will always be known as a good friend to all of us, you can be sure that you will never be forgotten in our hearts, and do continue to support Liverpool from up there dude, i know we haven't been playing well this season but i am pretty sure that the guys would perform a superb comeback soon, peace out man, stay cool

Slyvester Liew Kah Hoe
17-9-1989 -> 15-8-2009

and i just realized that he was one month short of his birthday....R.I.P dude, i still can't believe that you are really gone forever...

All in a days work

Thursday, August 20, 2009
As mentioned in my previous post, i am happy to declare that i am still going strong without coffee!! :) although i somehow feel that i tire more quickly these few days, but no matter! i will get rid of his bad habit!

On an unrelated note however, i can't help but think that not all bad things that happen is really that bad at all, take this morning for example, after oversleeping by 1 hour and missing the bus, i really thought i was screwed, i was supposed to hand in my information systems tutorial homework during my 11am tutorial, and the next bus doesn't come until 11am!! and it takes about 40 minutes to reach uni and about 10 minutes to reach my classroom, so you could imagine i was pretty screwed, but it seems that things are not as bad as i expected, first, my uncle whom i am living with was extremely nice to offer to send me all the way to uni, thanks uncle!! :):) and second, my tutor was also kind enough to let me email him my work when i reach home, how cool is that? but i think he is gonna penalize me for handing it in late! >.<, not forgetting that if i had arrived early, i would have handed in the wrong questions as i have mistaken done the wrong set of questions( how extremely retarded of me!!). Damn i have to say it was lucky of me oversleeping!! but certainly i will not make it a habit! since its my first time oversleeping for class @.@

Anyways, next week is gonna be tough!! my anthropology essay on Love is due... my information systems assignment is due... management test is also gonna be on, not to mention all the tutorial homework!!! good thing i have friday and monday off!! :P so off to the books i go!! oh did i mention.. mom is coming to visit in 2 weeks!! >.<

Quitting coffee..temporarily

Tuesday, August 18, 2009
Hey guys, i am pretty sure most of my friends know that i like coffee a lot.. but looks like i'll need to kick that habit for a while now due to some minor health issues, it seems that the consumption of coffee and the like aggravates this "condition" and is getting very annoying and that is why i'm going to try a few weeks without coffee and see if this changes anything, well can't say that this will be easy but i have done it once before and lasted for about 2 weeks? now i am aiming for like maybe 3 weeks? sure that everything will go according to plan! :) or maybe i will update my progress here so that i'll have more reasons pull this off instead of giving up on the first or second day.. lol

Day 1
sometimes it feels like the first day is the hardest, i almost failed a couple of times today but i somehow managed to convince myself otherwise, but it is not without certain "side-effects", i had a mild headache, felt tired and all, and when i looked in the mirror i can see dark circles around my eyes, but i grabbed myself a diet coke during lunch and i almost instantly felt better! talk about psychological side effects eh? anyways today is not over yet and i am typing this from the library, but im pretty sure i'll pull through today with no problems! ;)

so that about wraps it up for day 1, haha i will try to keep everyone updated here, but my internet line at home got capped and is now half as fast as a dial up connection, i can't even load facebook... =.= so yea, till the next post!

New Semester

Sunday, August 9, 2009
I can't believe i am saying this again, i have yet again abandoned my blog for the past month or so....sometimes i think my blog must be the least updated one in blogspot....=.= Anyways, after just scraping by with last semester's results, i vowed to do a lot better this semester, and step 1 was to uninstall all the games on my laptop(with the exception of counter strike and team fortress 2, because i don't really play them very often, like once a month or less?) step 2 is to start studying already, well so far i am proud to say that i am doing well with both steps, sure hope i can maintain this throughout the semester and reach my target of 4 distinctions!!

So you must be wondering what do i do in my free time? It would be impossible to just study all day for someone like me right? After quitting gaming for good, i have started practising on the guitar alot, and i am amazed at how much i have improved over the week compared to the many months that i have been "touching" the guitar, i used to practise for less than 1 hour each day because the very beginning of learning to play is very boring, and with so many games, it's kind of hard to practise for me at least >.<

And also, friends have been asking when would i be back to Malaysia, I must say that it is highly unlikely that i will go back this year as one of my cousins might get married at the end of this year, and my family are planning to come over here to attend, and while they are at it, travel around Australia... so with that, i wouldn't want them to waste more money on my air ticket their ticket here is not cheap at all.... However, nothing is confirmed yet, so i guess there might still be a chance that i would be back!! something which i can't wait for!! >.<

Tommy Emmanuel concert 19-6-2009

Monday, June 22, 2009

My cousin is a big fan of Tommy Emmanuel, he pre-ordered these tickets last year just to make sure he doesn't miss the master of acoustic guitar himself in action, haha i even remember discussing about the concert and i was thinking to myself "ahh there is still a long way to go", well, last friday, that day came, for the first time in my 4 months here. i stepped foot into Sydney's city...pathetic i know..i've been here for 4 months and i have not been to the city anyways...there was nothing to shout about in the city as we went late and did not have much time for sightseeing.... and by 5pm it was night time and it was freaking hard to take good night view pictures with these shaky hands of mine....should have asked cousin to bring along his dslr..

So.... for the concert, we were very lucky to be able to meet and shake hands with Tommy Emmanuel himself!! to have a guitar god standing right beside you is a crazy feeling i tell you!! he even gave a few lucky fans a few tips and tricks on playing the guitar...well those guys are already pro's who bought their own guitars to play along with Tommy backstage...

And for the main event, the concert itself.... this is my very first time watching him live and i was never a big fan of his to start with, i only tagged along with my cousin who was kind enough to buy me a ticket, after wacthing him play, i was simply amazed by his speed and creativity, he was so fast that i think no normal human can achieve that speed, and about his creativity, he utilizes almost every part of the guitar for his songs, i can say that from that very moment, i never looked at the acoustic guitar the same again, there is just so many things you can do with it, as he said "the guitar is a weapon of mass construction" the only downside was that the audio was a bit off, as he turned the volume up too high, the sound is not as sharp as it should be, but it was a fantastic show nonetheless, i will definitely buy a ticket if he ever performs in sydney again!!


Thursday, June 18, 2009
YYEAHH!! EXAMS ARE FINALLY OVER!! i have been looking forward for this day for quite a while... but to be honest, i don't feel all that great and excited, mainly because i know i did very badly in my marketing paper, which i think i will most probably fail...:( the excitement for the holidays faded away
as soon as i flipped open the paper, all the processes that i thought would be important and memorized never came out, to add insult to injury, i was stuck at the most important part of the paper, the case study which weights 40% of the entire paper,so unless i score something close to a full mark in my multiple choice and short answer question, i ill fail marketing....:( i feel so bad for my parents.. :'( well, let this be a lesson to me, i just have to start working hard from the first day of next semester, not during the final month of it

But i am pretty sure no one is here to read about how i did in the exams, so after the exams, i got one of my friends to watch Terminator Salvation with me, and we both agreed that this movie kicked ass!! the best terminator ever!!! behind terminator 2! :P

Also.. i quickly grabbed myself a copy of The Sims 3 from EB games for $69, it was a pretty good deal as the market price is $99!! started playing it yesterday and i really did not feel the excitement as i used to have when playing games...partly because my laptop does not perform half as fast as my desktop :(:(:(

The funny part about after exams is that when i came home, i just dunno what to do....for the past month i've been rushing home for assignments and the like, even more for the past week...which resulted in my now pimply-ish face, ( i was free from pimples for quite a while :P, how ironic that my friends used to call me pimple face, when now they have more pimples than me lol) no longer i have to keep thinking about how much should i get done by today...ahh i think i'm gonna need 1 or 2 days to settle in this "new life" of mine :)

What the!@#$??

Thursday, May 21, 2009
I have always been known for being a clumsy person, once i slipped on my slippers which resulted in my knee hitting the sharp edge of a gutter, leaving a deep scar that remains till today, well today i have proven it again, so i arrived at the train station early, the train doesn't arrive in 7 minutes, so i thought it would be a good idea to "visit" the public toilet upstairs, bad mistake..... some of you may know that i like to "skip one step" when i am walking up staircases and escalators, people always say i shouldn't do it, as i may fall, well today is the day.... i fell and cut my first i thought it was just like a normal cut, i was wrong, the cut was deep, so deep that blood wouldn't stop oozing out from my fingertip.......i washed my hand again and again to get rid of the no avail, then i decided to ask for some band aid from the staff, luckily, the bleeding stopped shortly after that.....and this entry wouldn't be complete without pictures right?? so here goes..



Thursday, May 14, 2009
omg!!! i have once again successfully abandoned my think my blog holds the world record for the lowest frequency of updates....i am so sorry my good friends, Uni has not been kind to me lately, had 2 assignments right after the semster break, not to mention that i spent 4 days rushing for my economics assignment last week, which i think i messed up because when i was uber tired and stressed up when i was producing the final "product", then after that i had to study for my statistics test, so i was averaging on 4 hours of sleep per day for a week(with 0% coffee mind you ;), not very healthy at all, but this is the price you have to pay if you enjoy the semester break haha, so now that i have some breathing room, i shall update my blog!!

So with the semester ending in about 4 weeks, it's pretty much crunch time now!! Things that are left on my checklist are Marketing literature review on product branding, Marketing group presentation, Philosophy final essay, and statistics final assignment!! Then finals comes about one week after that!! Damn and i am so worried about economics now! couldnt get a study group together :( looks like its a solo battle with economics!! i shall start studying for it today!!!

On a not so distressing note, i have applied for a job!! If everything goes well, this well might be my first job, i applied for a nightfill job at a nearby Woolworths supermarket!! Basically i will have to work from 7pm-3am if the job needs me, for up to 20 hours per week, i know the hours are shit but at least i get a pretty decent paycheck :P

So that about sums it up for my update! I will try to update more of the time allows me to...and wish me luck on getting the job!! peace out and stay tuned! :)


Saturday, April 11, 2009

Hey!! Happy Easter everyone!!! I am now halfway through my first Uni semester!!! I can still remember feeling all so excited for Uni...which is rather stupid if you were to ask me now,because now i just can't wait to get this semester over with!!! So i am currently having my 2 week long Easter holidays, and it does not give me a holiday-ish feel... because i have tonnes of work to do... my stats quizzes, my marketing literature review and presentation, my economics and philosophy assignment ....goshh... i think i'm starting to hate Uni!! :P....anyways, my holiday have been good so far,been relaxing and bumming around.... haha i didn't mentioned that i spent almost all friday playing Final Fantasy 10!!! well i didn't finish the last time i played...which was almost like 6 years ago?? Too bad the ps2 decided to die on me today, which is a Saturday......maybe this is some sort of message that i should get started on my work!!! C'mon!! i am not done with my holidays yet!!! I am still planning to go to the Easter show but i currently have no company to go with!!! anybody up for the easter show?? was supposed to go with a few friends from Newcastle, but just found out that they are going with a group of 40 people!!thats right!! 40 living breathing homosapiens!!!on a superpacked Sunday with around 100,000 more people there!!! As most people will agree, i would prefer a "smaller" group.. so i rejected them. Sorry guys!! :) Ohhh!!! and did i mention that i am gonna get a new phone!!!! More info on it on the bext post!!! Till then, cheers!!

Silly me

Wednesday, April 8, 2009
I've done tonnes of silly things in my life, i think might even be doing silly things on a daily basis, like that time when i was supposed to finish 2 papers in 2 sessions and ended up rushing both in 1...not to mention the other time where i filled in my student number on the other surname area, coz it was under the surname and i assumed that you write your student id after your name right?? so to the lecturer, my name is now Teh 41622111 Theng Tsing.... damn i am an idiot......

So, my day started at 7am, i woke to hitch a ride from my cousin, who's office is around 10 minutes away from my Uni, convenient eh? :P, and yea, we left the house around 7:50am and faced the usual morning jam, and i reached Uni at 9am...which is pretty early since my tutorial starts at 10am, so i went to the computer lab to do a bit of revision and watch some Youtube(I can't watch Youtube at home.) Funny thing is, when i went for the tutorial.... no one was there, i was starting to think that class was canceled and everyone was off to an early easter party..lolol....turns out that we don't have tute for this week.....damn... my second tutorial doesn't start until 12pm, so i went to the library, hoping to find a book for my Marketing Literature review!! and i did!! not to mention that i almost gave up looking for it, and when i grabbed the last one, i thought to myself, if this one doesnt have it, i'll just do an online research...and i hit the jackpot immediately after that, the very topic that i am looking for!! Product Branding!!!! I couldn't be any luckier eh?

So the day went on as usual...until....around 2pm..... this one is quite embarassing actually haha... but i am gonna share it here anyways!! So i was in the toilet, about to do everyone does it the toilet, when suddenly, my belt buckle fell off and dropped to the cubicle next to mine, where some guy was taking a poop, i can tell by his leg position :P, so i used my feet to drag my belt buckle back to my side... i was soextremelyfucking embarrased after that.....wonder whats on that guy's mind when he saw my feet creeping into his cubicle......

Well.... that's pretty much it for today's silly events... maybe someday if i do more silly things and did not die from embarrasment, i will post it here again :P

I miss you.....

Thursday, April 2, 2009
I am always thinking about the good times we had, you were with me for almost every waking hour of my life, we spend some days together from 1oam till 2am, i thought i could simply move 4000 miles away from you and not think about you all the time, i was so wrong, i am so miserable without you here, sometimes i can't even sleep when i think back the old days, i just wished that you were here now......i can't wait for my holidays to see you again, but until then, i know you're in good hands......i miss you so much........................

God.... i must be the lamest person on earth..... (-_-") anyways, happy belated April Fool's day everyone, this year however is quite different from many other April Fool's day, this year, i did not witness any pranks or neither did i pull a prank on my friends......Damn i miss pissing people off on April Fool's day :P


Tuesday, March 24, 2009
No... I am not talking about the hit series 24, sure wish i was, Jack Bauer can do so many things in 24 hours, he can save the president, save a bunch of hostages, save some random hostage, disarm a nuclear device, kill a bunch of baddies all in 24 hours, while i can't even balance my uni life and social life in 24 hours, let alone save the world, Uni is very much different from how i have been educated all these years, here lecturers do not care if you slack in the exercises or if you arrive late or even if you skip class, you are pretty much on your own in uni, almost everything is done all by yourself here...and i am not exactly a person who can sit and revise all night have i even mentioned how hard is it to make real friends here? Most of my friends are from the same tutorials, and we only meet once a week, unlike the 5 times a week schedule that we all have been used to, don't even talk about lectures or practicals, well in lectures i pretty much don't talk to anyone except maybe the guy beside me because the rest of the time is spent on listening to the lecture, and in practicals, everyone leaves once they complete the days questions... dammit i feel like i am losing my social skills here, i used to get along with a lot of people and never had any trouble making friends, i really don't know what is happening to me...anyways i got to return to my books or i will be left far behind!! ciao!

I give up!!

Saturday, March 21, 2009
After several cock ups when i was trying to upload several unofficial blogger layout skins, i finally gave up and stuck with a blogger layout instead, i know it sucks but i have to delay the revamp as i have many other more important matters to deal with for now... I'm not going to spend so much time on figuring these HTML codes out...damn, i should have paid more attention in HTML class last time, i used to find HTML as boring as watching a log rot and thought that since i'm not much of a IT person, i shall not give a damn about these stupid codes and stuff, well too bad so sad, so flame me for being an inept when it comes to HTML, maybe when i really have nothing better to do, i will figure out these damn codes and see how this thing works, for now i will need to get my shit together for the next philosophy test and try not to screw it up like last week, which i only scored 67.50%... wish me luck guys, and i hope this counts as some sort of update?

Blog Revamp

Saturday, March 14, 2009
Hey there everyone, as you may have already notice, i have changed the layout for my blog, and i'm thinking of doing a major revamp of my blog, starting from my blog name and maybe adding a blog header, i would appreciate any suggestions that any of you may have, especially on the blog name...and what other things i can do to make my blog more attractive, if you do have any suggestions, just leave them here or you can just tell me in msn, meanwhile i'm signing off to prepare for my coming Philosphy and Marketing test... Cheers everyone!

I need more practise!!!

Monday, March 2, 2009

I've watched this video millions of time before i came to Australia, i was amazed from the first time until now, and also today i have unlimited bandwidth to spare, i can watch it over and over again!! it's people like this that make me want to practise 24/7, right now i am not even a tenth of a guitarist as he is, and he is only 16!!! speaking of which, i better go and practise while people are not trying to sleep, maybe after i buy a headphone that can be plugged into my amp, i can practise more often!!

Uni Life.....

Sunday, March 1, 2009
Hey there!! My last post was made a week ago(i think), and much have changed in that week! So here goes, my timetable has been rearranged!! now i only have to go to uni 4 times a week!! however that was not without a cost... my classes on Monday, Tuesday starts from 3pm to 8pm, and Wednesday from 10am to 1pm, Thursday would be from 5pm to 8pm..some might say i made a stupid decision by having so many evening classes, but i had no choice, i didn't want a 5 hour gap between classes and it's the lesser of the two evils, and not to mention that the train from my uni leaves at 8:02 if i want to make the 8:30 bus ride back home, that means i need to sprint my way from class to the station(the walking distance between one of the farther classes is 10 minutes), or i have to gain some sort of superhuman speed.... but at least i can still catch the 9pm bus back it isn't that bad and also not to mention that evening classes are less packed and i can concentrate better.

And also i have now developed a new interest!!! i actually watch tv series!!!!! which was something i never did for couple of far i've finished heroes Season 3, Merlin, Family Guy season 1, and also i am almost done with The Office season 2..... oh god.. i feel like such a girl now...i'm chasing The Office!!! I want to know if Jim will crash Pam's marriage?? will Pam marry Roy?!?!?! i can't believe i am so caught up with all these things haha!!

And that wasn't the only new interest ive developed!!! there have been a news addition to the household after my arrival here..... i will let the picture do the talking..

Nah.. i didn't buy it.. my cousin bought it..anyways playing games in HD is pretty cool!!! but too bad we only have one game now.... which is as you can see... "Dead Space" Where you blast mustated human corpses in pitch black darkness(pretty much like Doom if you ask me)

And that's pretty much it with whats been going on for this week...maybe i'll take some pictures in uni and post them here in my next post?

Life in Sydney so far

Saturday, February 21, 2009
It's been almost two weeks since i arrived here in Sydney, and surprisingly, i don't feel as homesick as i thought i would be... as a matter of fact, i don't feel like i am 4000 miles away from home either, but i'm sure no one wants to know how i feel know, so lets just cut the chase and see what i've done in 2 weeks!

On the 13th, i went to Uni for Orientation day, before going into the hall, i met this Brazilian dude, Rodrigo, who had lived in Malaysia for the past 2 years, and coincidentally, is also taking a degree in International Business. And when i was in the orientation hall, 90% of the people inside were Asian!! i was asking myself "I came all the way here to meet more Asians???", but it turns out that it was an orientation for international students, mostly people from Hong Kong, China, Korea, Singapore and Malaysia, hmm and there was this American dude i think... and more surprisingly i saw some students who went in with their parents!! i was damned surprised to see that anyone who is attending Uni needs to be accompanied by parents, maybe for "special" students, but they looks perfectly normal to me!! or maybe it's not for me to judge...oh well, it's none of my business anyways. lolz

The on the 16th, i went to Uni for enrolment, with a planned timetable in hand, i tried to mash all the classes into 3 days a week so that i don't need to spend too much money on transportation. unfornately all the good times were chosen by the local students and the International students whos surname starts with A-G or whatever, it's not fair that my surname starts with a T, we T-Z's get to choose last amongst all the International students, bad luck i guess.... so now i have to go to uni everyday, and on thursday just to attend one tutorial.... dammit!

Some random pictures to follow

My Student Card.....

My room....

My bed.. doesn't look like much, but trust me, it's damn comfortable!! i have trouble getting up in the morning.. i just don't want to wake up haha!


Friday, February 20, 2009
1. Put your iTunes, Windows Media Player, etc. on shuffle.
2. For each question, press the next button to get your answer.

听妈妈的话 - Jay Chou.. (lolzx)

Better in Time -Leona Lewis

BackAttack -Ragnarok Online bgm(hmm i was rather passionate about R.O last time lolz)

Drive -Funeral For a Friend

Seven Days - Craig David

Natsu no hi, Zanzou - Asian KungFu Generation(too bad i dun understand Korean)

Jenny - The Click Five(but i already have a pet called Jenny!)

What becomes of the broken heart - Westlife(speechless.....)

Jenny from the block - J.Lo

Walk on Fighting - Edguy

More than words can say - Alias

The Healing Vision - Edguy(it heals my vision??)

你比從前快樂 - Jay Chow (wtf)

Entoransu - Asian Kung-fu Generation

(swt this must be one of the most meaningless tags i've done)

Shallow Sleep by Hyde

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Haha, my cousin sent this song to me today and i instantly fell for it!! the lyrics are damn meaningful,and 我一听这首歌就想起了她, 我还以为我已经把她忘了。。。 lolz, hope u guys like it!! and i really wanted to use this as my blog's song, but i will be accessing it everyday and i can't risk streaming music all the time :( ahh too bad!
Monday, February 9, 2009
Hey there! this will be my very post from Sydney, the previous doesn't really count because i personally do not consider it as a post, so here's latest headlines on my life, on the night of my arrival, we had a Chinese New Year reunion dinner, and i must say that the food was great!

Dinner!! :P

Dinner + Relatives

We even had Lou Sang!! but with different ingredients with the one from Malaysia

After Dinner, a few cousins of mine wanted to play poker, since my uncle has a Poker Set and Table at the ready!!and they asked me to join!lolz haha i told them i never played before, but i joined them i the anyways we started with i think 5 or 6 chips per person, and as i learn the game, i found it very fun indeed!! haha, maybe it's because we didn't play with real money that made it so fun :P
Ian during mid game

Dave during mid game, gosh he's only 16 and look at he already has a knack for Poker!!

Me during mid game... i know i know i suck!!

However, i did win something back later

We played for about and hour or so and Joanne is already bugging Tien to leave, thats when a miracle happened, i continuosly won a few times and my winnings were like this!

My final winnings!!! and yes i was chatting on msn and playing poker at the same time :p


Sunday, February 8, 2009
Hey everyone!! i'm here to announce that i have safely landed in Sydney, Australia!!! wow time sure flies huh? i remember i was telling my friends that i still have half a year until i leave! now i am here already! haha, in a blink of an eye, i would be back in Malaysia, reminiscing my days here!! on another note... i'm starting to miss Malaysia more curry mee, nescafe ais, ipoh white coffee, kopi "peng", nasi lemak, maggie goreng and all other Malaysian food!!! :( but nvm, when i go back for holidays, i am gonna treasure every single bite and sip on it!!:P

22 more hours

Saturday, February 7, 2009
it's now 22 more hours until i leave for Australia, and i feel weird, of course i am excited about studying in Australia, but i just don't feel like leaving home.. haha, well, at least i am going to stay in a relative's house, funny thing is that normally if i went out with friends, i wouldn't be concerned about what time i will reach home, but for these 2 days, i want to go home as early as possible lolzx...anyways, wish me luck guys, i am gonna miss all of u guys!! and be sure to stay connected!! like what Fei said, "This is not goodbye, this is see you again later!"

tagged willingly lolz

Wednesday, February 4, 2009
1. The rules of the game get posted at the beginning.
2. Each player answers the questions about themselves.
3. At the end of the post the player then tags 5 people and posts their names, then goes to their blogs and leaves a comment, letting them know they got tagged and to ask them to play and read your blog.

Name : Ben

Sisters : 0

Brothers : 1

Shoe size : U.K Size 10.5, bigfoot sial..

Height : 178cm?

Where do you live : Kuala Lumpur

Favourite drinks : classic coffee, coke, teh ais....++

Favourite breakfast : fry some sausages and eggs and my morning will be perfect!:p

Have you ever been on a plane : a cpuple of times.

Swam in the ocean : a few times...

Fallen asleep in school: many times in secondary school, sejarah class was nap class to me:P

Broken someones heart : my own.lolz does that count?

Fell off your chair : i think there was this once, but i don't really remember

Sat by the phone all night waiting for someone to call : nop

Saved e-mails : i saved almost everything, except spam, chain mail....

What is your room like : like any typical 19 yr old's room... messy lol

What's right beside you : a table fan?

What is the last thing you ate : home cooked dinner..

Ever had chicken pox : not that i can remember of.

Sore throat : a few times? doesn't everyone get sorethroat???why is this question even here?

Stitches : haha so far nothing :)

Broken nose : of course not? i'm not some kind if bar brawler

Do you believe in love at first sight : i guess so?

Like picnics : never had one before, sad i know

Who was the last person you danced with : with a bunch of frens at alex's house, hey i think i've done something like this before

Last made you smile : funny youtube videos.

You last yelled at : family, i got into some argument.....

Talk to someone you like : i am doing it now :P

Kissed anyone : Nope, still waiting for the 1st time lol.

Get sick : last week, damned flu n cough...

Talked to an ex : nop, i dun have any ex's

Miss someone : not really..

Do you sleep with stuffed animals : nop

What's under your bed : nothing, dust ?

Who do you really hate : i hattee... myself for doing a very bad mistake....?

What time is it now : 1115


Q : Is there a person who is on your mind right now : no one special

Q : Do you have any siblings : one brother

Q : Do you want children : yea of course

Q : Do you smile often : only when i'm with people i know? would'nt i look like a nutcase if i smiled for 24 hours?

Q : Do you like your hand-writing : i feel that my chinese handwriting needs alot of improvement!!

Q : Are your toenails painted : no....that would be very gay

Q : Whose bed other than yours would you rather sleep in : huh? what should i say?? hmm i remember i did this before!!

Q : What colour shirt are you wearing : dark blue.

Q : What were you doing at 7:00pm yesterday : stuck in the Fucking kl jam!! i was stuck from 5.30pm

Q : I can't wait to : start uni and do somethign productive

Q : When did you cry: some half a year ago? i've never cried like that before since i was 11

Q : Are you a friendly person: i think i'm rather friendly, but shy

Q : Do you have any pets : 4 dogs

Q : Where is the person you have feelings for right now : malaysia somewhere?

Q : Did the last person you held hands with you mean anything to you now? : i was destroyed before we could hold hands :P

Q : Do you sleep with the TV on? : sometimes if the show gets boring n all.

Q : What are you doing right now? : typing my answers for this tag?

Q : Have you ever crawled through a window?: nop, why would i?

Q : Can you handle the truth? : most of the time no....

Q : Are you closer to your mother or father? : i don't take sides :P

Q : Who was the last person you cried in front of?: my best bud in college, i swear i've answered this before

Q : How many people can you say you've really loved? : except for my immediate family, one

Q : Do you eat healthy? : somewhat healthy, but not too extreme

Q : Do you still have pictures of you & your ex? : didn't have an ex, this is a familiar question!!

Q : Have you ever cried because of something someone said to you? : yea something like that

Q: How often do you go to church? : twice in my 19 years @.@

Q : If you're having a bad day, who are you most likely to go to? : my best buds of course

Q : Are you loud or quiet most of the time? : 60% quiet, 40% loud, it really depends who am i with...

Q : Are you confident? : i was.... until a fatal error reversed everything


( 10 years old )
1. moved into my current house if im not wrong
2. hated to go to school :P
3. got into a fight with my then best fren, and dislodged one of his tooth, sort of
4. fought with immense pressure for a typical chinese school student
5. spent my holidays watching cartoons and playing game boy


1. pineapple tarts
2. potato chips
3. assorted nuts
4. kuih-kapek :P:P
5. Hmm..... any salted snacks lol.


1. bukit bintang
2. ampang
3. setiawangsa
4. kem gambang, my national service camp
5. -

1. i never had a real paying job, so don't flame me
2. i washed my dad's aquariums on a daily basis
3. assistant quartermaster for K.R.S
4. a prefect in high school
5. national serviceman

5 lucky persons I choose to tag are:
edmund, ying xuan, vivian, cheyenne, kirtti, alex!!!


You are The Devil

Materiality. Material Force. Material temptation; sometimes obsession

The Devil is often a great card for business success; hard work and ambition.

Perhaps the most misunderstood of all the major arcana, the Devil is not really "Satan" at all, but Pan the half-goat nature god and/or Dionysius. These are gods of pleasure and abandon, of wild behavior and unbridled desires. This is a card about ambitions; it is also synonymous with temptation and addiction. On the flip side, however, the card can be a warning to someone who is too restrained, someone who never allows themselves to get passionate or messy or wild - or ambitious. This, too, is a form of enslavement. As a person, the Devil can stand for a man of money or erotic power, aggressive, controlling, or just persuasive. This is not to say a bad man, but certainly a powerful man who is hard to resist. The important thing is to remember that any chain is freely worn. In most cases, you are enslaved only because you allow it.

What Tarot Card are You?
Take the Test to Find Out.


wow, i currently have 3 more days until i leave for Australia, and due to the recent heatwave there, i have decided that something needs to be changed for good....i've cropped my "mop top" as many of my friends used to call it....well pictures are worth a millions words, goes...

this is how i looked before the haircut....

drum rolls...........

more drum rolls.....

final drum rolls......................

oh gosh, i think i made a bad decision, actually i didn't cut my hair because of the heatwave, to be honest, i don't even know what came across my mind when i told the hairdresser "i want it short", some friends told me i look like a geek now!!! Perhaps the only excuse i can muster up is because i felt i needed a change?? lolzx


Wednesday, January 21, 2009

You Should Learn Chinese

Surprised? You shouldn't be - Chinese is perfect for an ambitious person like you.

You're a natural entrepreneur, and a billion people are waiting to do business with you!

i think this quiz is meant for and is made by Americans.. lol because i already know "Chinese", not to mention there is no "Chinese Language", it should be like mandarin, cantonese, hakka, etc etc.....haha


Your IQ Is 95

Your Logical Intelligence is Below Average

Your Verbal Intelligence is Exceptional

Your Mathematical Intelligence is Average

Your General Knowledge is Exceptional

Oh No!!

Going for a dental appointment on Thursday to fill some teeth!!!it's been many years since i last had my teeth filled!!!! if i'm not wrong, i need to fill 3 more teeth!! darn i guess all the coffee must have taken it's toll on my teeth, because i don't eat sweets or smoke or drink much, yea maybe i had one too many chocolate bars too :P wish me luck guys!!! i sure hope i don't end up like the guy above!!!

On another note, i got my first dent today, a dent on my mom's car that is, shitty little signboard on a shittily narrow road!! damn it was around 1 month without any damages to the car haha!! too bad my lucky "streak" ended today :(:(:( i would have uploaded the picture here but my camera is still in the repair shop(yes i broke my cam!!! ) so it's now up to u guys to imagine how much damage a little signboard to do to a Toyota Avanza... lolz

Game boy!!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Toughest substance known to man indeed!! these things can even withstand a bomb blast!!! haha i have one of these, but i think it's screwed in the inside, can't read many cartridges and even when it reads, the display looks messed up :(

Personality Test....

Thursday, January 15, 2009
Paranoid Disorder:Moderate
Schizoid Disorder:Low
Schizotypal Disorder:Moderate
Antisocial Disorder:Moderate
Borderline Disorder:Low
Histrionic Disorder:Moderate
Narcissistic Disorder:High
Avoidant Disorder:Moderate
Dependent Disorder:Low
Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder:Low

-- Personality Disorder Test - Take It! --
-- Personality Disorders --


Tuesday, January 13, 2009
was boringly surfing the web until i saw the ad for an upcoming movie, "Dragon Ball Evolution", one of my favorite cartoons back in the days, so decided to take a peek at the trailer..... not surpisingly, it looks kind of bad, i always doubted that anyone can pull of a live action dragon ball movie, it is just humanly impossible with the present technology(unless, of course, it's a crappy one), the power beams, the auras, the golden hair, the aliens....My biggest dissapointment is that Picollo from the trailer looks like The Grinch in

I know that they put a lot of effort into making movies and i'm gonna watch it when it's out, i may be wrong about it and remember people used to say that the Transformers movie wasn't going to be a success, and look how they surprised everyone!!anyways here's the trailer...

4 more weeks...

Sunday, January 11, 2009
It's 4 more weeks until i leave for Australia, and i'm feeling pretty nervous... sigh... little did i know i will feel like this, i was pretty excited when i was applying for Mac Uni, sure, i've left home for a couple of months when i was in national service(which i was very excited to go to as well), but this time i will be a few thousand miles away from home....But maybe i just need a little getting used to, same thing happened when i was in national service, i was pretty damn eager to have some sort of military training(or i used thought it would be) until i reached my camp, felt like crap for a week and was enjoying since then....damn i'll be missing my family and friends, and my desktop!!! Few of you might know that gaming and music is my form of stress release... whenever i play a game that i enjoy, all my worries dissapear and i won't be thinking of anything stupid....but i won't be able to bring my desktop to Australia, hence why i bought a laptop, a pavillion dv-4, a mid range one, she runs pretty smoothly except for gaming, my desktop is a 3gb ram, and runs on a Nvidia 8800gt which cost me rm900 for the card alone, back when i bought it, it was your best bang for yourbuck(a similar model sells for abt rm500+ now, shit!!), now ii'll have to get used to a 14inch, 2gb, Nvidia 9200m GS, laptop, oh well, at least it's still widescreen :P, and she plays HD DVD's(which is no longer in production!! WTF!!!).

But with everything bad(if this is even bad) that happens, comes a blessing, maybe i'll be able to put a stop on gaming and concentrate on studies when i'm there, hopefully Uni will keep me away from gaming and not the other way around!! lolz

on another note, HAPPY 2009!!! and that technically makes me 20, but theoretically i am still 19 going 20 coz my birthday is on november...ANYWAYS!!! I AM SO NOT PREPARED FOR BEING 20!!! BEING 20 MEANS NO MORE FOOLING AROUND, 20 MEANS IM NO LONGER A TEENAGER!! 20 MEANS ENTERING ADULTHOOD!!! AND BEING 20 MEANS PEOPLE CAN SUE ME!!!(not too sure abt this) and the list goes on and on....................