Year 2 Semester 1

Tuesday, February 23, 2010
It feels like it was just yesterday that i was studying for my final exams and i just couldn't wait for the summer holidays to come, fast forward to to 2 months and 2 weeks later, here i am again, starting my second year in uni, it's been a while since i last turned on my table lamp, haha the only complain i have is how messed up my timetable is, long breaks between classes and sometimes even going to uni for just one lecture just isn't fun at all, oh well, at least i could utilize that time to get some productive work done, as i have discovered that i tend to work much more efficiently in the library than at home...given that i have the attention span of a housefly

On another note, i am quite looking forward to this semester, why you asked me? i don't really know myself, but i just have a good feeling about it. I did achieve the goal of improving academically last semester albeit not very significantly but i do plan to improve further this semester by taking up some a few study tips and advices that i have received....

Oh and lastly, i might try looking for a job again soon, as soon as the semester kicks into full gear and i feel that i can cope with it....although a little something has undermined this plan because on the very first day of uni, i have already received a major assignment.....a 2500 word essay which is worth 20%, although i haven't done any essay close to this behemoth, i am thinking of the shitload of research i will have to do, last year for my anthropology essay, it took me quite a long time to compile all the information i need for my 1500 word essay and i have to say that i nearly smashed my head into a wall in frustration on how much information that i collected was not relevant to what i wanted to write about...well people do learn from past mistakes and i sure hope that i do learn from mine! lol

And that pretty much sums up everything i have to say in this post, till the next post! :)