first day of new semester

Wednesday, January 9, 2008
finally stepped back to college ground again for the day's lecture, i was surprised to see very few new students in icpu, but i did see a lot of new faces around, i assume they would be from CAL(Cambrigde A-levels) or SAM(South Australian Matriculation), most of my classmates are old second semester guys, except for the individuals and families class, where among 18 students, only 4 of us are 2nd sem people. ah well, i've gotta work very hard this semester to get my score to level 4(which is 80%-100%), my results from last semester was not good, i scored a mere 71% for my total average, quite dissapointed at myself, but i have no one but myself to blame, that's for all the slacking!!you lazy bum!! haha, so i have set a target for myself, hopefully i won't let myself down again!!