Pyramid Friday

Saturday, April 19, 2008
Just yesterday, David booked some tickets for the movie "Forbidden Kingdom", so me, Edmund, Mark, Alex, John and Lauren decided to follow him, screw Allan for not going!!!! we had fun u know?!?! anyways, we were planning to let a guy sit with Lauren at the double seated seats, we made a deal that last one there will sit with Lauren, but ended up me and john sit at the double seat....damn gay...lolzx, now to the movie, personally, i think the storyline is damn stupid coz they had an american teen go back to ancient china to save the monkey king......okay okay....i'm cool with that...whats worse...some of the ancient chinese people actually speaks english... how stupid is that?? okay, enough criticizing, i really liked the fighting scenes as they were damned good, thats about all the good stuff, the fight scenes.....shit....after the movies, we walked around pyramid and i decided to try a Carl's Junior burger as Mr. Moaz highly recommended it...rm12 for one single burger, damned expensive, but it's not like i eat it very often.... first impression when i got it, it's damned big, bigger than my fists!! tastes good too, but the price tag turns it off.....after that, David and Edmund decided to look for boxers... uh XXL and one XXS sized boxer....where to find?? after almost half an hour of looking through the shelves, they found it!! by then, Mark was half dead and Alex just received a call from his dad that he will have to watch the forbidden kingdom again with his family!! good luck man!! After walking around doing nothing much, we finally settled down for dinner at Kenny Rogers...cracked some stupid jokes and another day is gone....and i actually had fun!! we need to do this more often, but not too often as one outing like this has burned a big hole in my wallet!! spent around rm50 just like that....

before the movie

David and Mark thinks they can stillA fit inside...

Alex reliving the old days

Carl's Junior Superstar compared to my fist