prom night!!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008
yes, finally prom night is here, or should i say MingHan night(or however u spell it), having prom queen nominees dancing around him who is also voted as a prom king nominee, every guy in that ballroom felt sorry for themselves, why can't it be me?! that was the question most guys had in their heads that night, don;t worry guys!! our time will come!! most of the time was spent on chatting, camwhoring, eating and talking, and i haven't mentioned how small the ballroom was, i think our MPH is bigger...but again, this is from the guy who suck at math!! Edmund being the alcholic, got drunk from orange juice and started asking for Brandy from the waiters, unfortunately they don;t serve any form of alcohol that night, Edmund got so angry that he smashed a bottle on the waiter's head, lucky for that guy that SJMC is just 5 minutes away, note to self, never deny Edmund his alcohol.... anyways i should have a lot of pics to share, but being the stupid cow that i am, i left my camera at a friends house and had to use Edmund's camera.... so i will upload more pics when he sends them to me!!

James, me and Felix
Me and Mr. Adnan
Me, yueji, and Patricia
Me and Emily
Me and Mr. Hanna


Ying Xuan said...

u look like a menteri la

ben said...

lol!! really look that old!!!