DRIVING LICENSE!?!!??!!!!?!!!

Thursday, September 18, 2008
As some of you may know, i am taking my JPJ test today(driving license test), and i am here to announce that...................................it was a complete disaster... lolzx...I SCREWED UP, BIG TIME, as hard as i tried to remain calm as advised by all my friends, i was as NERVOUS as a criminal waiting for his execution, i was so nervous that when i was called up for my on the road test, i couldn't really feel my feet, thus unable to control the clutch properly, causing the engine to stall, i repeated that for 3 times and my chance of getting a license A.S.A.P vanished, but wait, i had one more chance at the tracks, well i wanted to at least pass one section!!!but alas, my early failure raised much doubts about myself and i have lost all my will to complete the test, because from my lessons, my biggest and perhaps only problem was on the slopes, for some reason, i can't seem to position my tyre on the yellow line, other than that, i was confident that i can pass everything else with ease, how wrong was i when my engine stalled 3 times in a row, destroying my confidence and morale, as i have never stalled my engine 3 times in a row before, and not to mention i expected an easy pass on the road, my biggest worry was the slopes..... well no point crying over split milk, i have only myself to blame for being freaked out, well at least when i repeat i know what to expect from those JPJ officers........ i'll just have to remind myself that they are not scaryt at all when i resit!!

Song Of The Monet: Boulevard Of Broken Dreams by Green Day =P