America 2008 part 1

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

As a few of you may know, i am going to spend this holiday season in various parts of America, and this will be my first attempt at a travel log.. hope you will find it interesting! :)

I left for America on the 14th of November, first flight was to Hong Kong at 9am, transit before i board the plane the America, and after 15 hours in an airplane, i finally reached my destination, Los Angeles at 1pm 14th November!! GMT is cool!! i just experienced 2 fridays!!! ;)

The first thing i arrived in the hotel, Knotts' Berry Farm Resort. i asked the receptionist about their WiFi, good news is they have fast WiFi, and bad news is the bloody expensive rate, which pretty much explains why i haven't been online for 10 days, $4.99 for a 1 hour plan, $9.99 for a 24 hour plan and $149.99 for a 1 week plan, or one can also use the desktops at their lobby, which rates are even more outrageous, here $5 gets you 15 minutes, and 30 cents for every subsequent minute added with 50 cents for every page u surf!! the current exchange rate is rm3.50 to USD $1,so try to imagine how i felt!!

I pretty much stayed in the hotel room for the rest of the day as i was damned tired after spending 12 straight hours in the plane, i can tell you taking a poop in the sky is quite an experience lolz

And yea, one more thing, for dinner, i went into a chicken dinner restaurant 5 minutes away from the hotel and when i got my food, i was amazed at their godlike appetite!! half a chicken per person!! excluding the side meal of soup,salad,bread,and mashed potato!!! i could only finish a quarter of the chicken with all the side dishes, packed the rest for the next day!!

Well, the first part of my travel log is done!! haha stay tuned for more! please? :P


Ying Xuan said...

now oni i noe u been to US
where's buah tangan?