Oh No!!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Going for a dental appointment on Thursday to fill some teeth!!!it's been many years since i last had my teeth filled!!!! if i'm not wrong, i need to fill 3 more teeth!! darn i guess all the coffee must have taken it's toll on my teeth, because i don't eat sweets or smoke or drink much, yea maybe i had one too many chocolate bars too :P wish me luck guys!!! i sure hope i don't end up like the guy above!!!

On another note, i got my first dent today, a dent on my mom's car that is, shitty little signboard on a shittily narrow road!! damn it was around 1 month without any damages to the car haha!! too bad my lucky "streak" ended today :(:(:( i would have uploaded the picture here but my camera is still in the repair shop(yes i broke my cam!!! ) so it's now up to u guys to imagine how much damage a little signboard to do to a Toyota Avanza... lolz