Thursday, June 18, 2009
YYEAHH!! EXAMS ARE FINALLY OVER!! i have been looking forward for this day for quite a while... but to be honest, i don't feel all that great and excited, mainly because i know i did very badly in my marketing paper, which i think i will most probably fail...:( the excitement for the holidays faded away
as soon as i flipped open the paper, all the processes that i thought would be important and memorized never came out, to add insult to injury, i was stuck at the most important part of the paper, the case study which weights 40% of the entire paper,so unless i score something close to a full mark in my multiple choice and short answer question, i ill fail marketing....:( i feel so bad for my parents.. :'( well, let this be a lesson to me, i just have to start working hard from the first day of next semester, not during the final month of it

But i am pretty sure no one is here to read about how i did in the exams, so after the exams, i got one of my friends to watch Terminator Salvation with me, and we both agreed that this movie kicked ass!! the best terminator ever!!! behind terminator 2! :P

Also.. i quickly grabbed myself a copy of The Sims 3 from EB games for $69, it was a pretty good deal as the market price is $99!! started playing it yesterday and i really did not feel the excitement as i used to have when playing games...partly because my laptop does not perform half as fast as my desktop :(:(:(

The funny part about after exams is that when i came home, i just dunno what to do....for the past month i've been rushing home for assignments and the like, even more for the past week...which resulted in my now pimply-ish face, ( i was free from pimples for quite a while :P, how ironic that my friends used to call me pimple face, when now they have more pimples than me lol) no longer i have to keep thinking about how much should i get done by today...ahh i think i'm gonna need 1 or 2 days to settle in this "new life" of mine :)


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