Back in kl

Saturday, October 17, 2009
I've landed back in K.L a couple of hours ago, however this is a very short trip as i would only be staying for 1 week, the reason for my sudden return is that my grandfather is not doing really well and i just feel that i needed to come back to see him, being the eldest grandson and the alleged "favourite" i feel that it would be extremely rude not to come back to see him, so yea, i'm finally back in kl, something that i never expected as from you can see from my previous posts, i am scheduled to come back sometime late 2010, just another indicator of how unpredictable life can be. But still, its good to be back, i've notice quite a few changes around certain areas, heck even my own house looks a little bit different from what i remember! Soooo. thats about it, will try to update with whatever i can think of! (conception day post will come sometime tomorrow!)


CLF said...

well back to KL.... hope u'll be doing well back there. 1 week is quite short hahah..... just when u're almost adapt back to the life over there u'll have to leave again. :(