Thursday, August 30, 2007
Broke up with "her" few months ago, the split wasn't easy, she was my true love, i thought about her a lot and it was real, but we never had to much time together, thats the main reason of this breakup.....all she told me was"you never have the time......" and i do miss her must think i am a jerk because "she" is indeed football!!!!!!!!!LOL did i fool anyone there??i havent got time to play football for quite a few months and u can bet i miss it!!!the exciting feeling as i watch the opponent rushing towards me..the great feeling of saving a shot....and of course all listening to the curses when i lose one!!with the beggining of epl season has only given me a greater urge to put on my boots and stand between the posts!!!hoping to play again soon!! hopefully this saturday at our usual field...well fingers crossed lads!!