My 1st post!

Tuesday, August 7, 2007
Today was like any day, woke up early in the morning to catch the lrt to kelana jaya and then took rapid kl to my college..travelling between k.l and subang was very tiring at first but i got used to it, sometimes i even get to meet some old friends!anyways, attended all classes like usual and had lunch with a friend of mine at a "not very near at all"(where a car missed me by inches!!)mamak,the food was okay,i ate mee goreng ayam(which reminds me of secondary times when me and my friends will have maggie goreng ayam for lunch!!)my friend,edmund decided to order something strange,"roti milo",i tasted a little bit,as everyone expected it tasted "milo-ish" LOL.Humans do have a creative mind huh? from the classic roti canai to the roti durian, roti milo, roti klcc?!?!

Today's class was nothing special,after my psychology lesson i went to "The Web"(something like a e-library for students at taylors)with my friend and i did a little research on my upcoming international business presentation, my title is about nike's business outside of the states.Then after that i went to the bus stop only to find that i missed my bus by minutes!!!crap!!!i had to wait for another 20 i sat there listening to the songs that my friend earlier..4 songs by Maksim and one from the FF8 game(Balland Garden i think)

Went back to check if my streamyx is re-connected,to my dissapointment,the line isn't reconnected and i'm stuck with my dial-up connection!!CRAP!!the frequent lag with this dial-up connection is starting to irritate me more and more!!oh well...nothing i can do about it anyway.


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