Uni Life.....

Sunday, March 1, 2009
Hey there!! My last post was made a week ago(i think), and much have changed in that week! So here goes, my timetable has been rearranged!! now i only have to go to uni 4 times a week!! however that was not without a cost... my classes on Monday, Tuesday starts from 3pm to 8pm, and Wednesday from 10am to 1pm, Thursday would be from 5pm to 8pm..some might say i made a stupid decision by having so many evening classes, but i had no choice, i didn't want a 5 hour gap between classes and it's the lesser of the two evils, and not to mention that the train from my uni leaves at 8:02 if i want to make the 8:30 bus ride back home, that means i need to sprint my way from class to the station(the walking distance between one of the farther classes is 10 minutes), or i have to gain some sort of superhuman speed.... but at least i can still catch the 9pm bus back home....so it isn't that bad and also not to mention that evening classes are less packed and i can concentrate better.

And also i have now developed a new interest!!! i actually watch tv series!!!!! which was something i never did for couple of years...so far i've finished heroes Season 3, Merlin, Family Guy season 1, and also i am almost done with The Office season 2..... oh god.. i feel like such a girl now...i'm chasing The Office!!! I want to know if Jim will crash Pam's marriage?? will Pam marry Roy?!?!?! i can't believe i am so caught up with all these things haha!!

And that wasn't the only new interest ive developed!!! there have been a news addition to the household after my arrival here..... i will let the picture do the talking..

Nah.. i didn't buy it.. my cousin bought it..anyways playing games in HD is pretty cool!!! but too bad we only have one game now.... which is as you can see... "Dead Space" Where you blast mustated human corpses in pitch black darkness(pretty much like Doom if you ask me)

And that's pretty much it with whats been going on for this week...maybe i'll take some pictures in uni and post them here in my next post?