I give up!!

Saturday, March 21, 2009
After several cock ups when i was trying to upload several unofficial blogger layout skins, i finally gave up and stuck with a blogger layout instead, i know it sucks but i have to delay the revamp as i have many other more important matters to deal with for now... I'm not going to spend so much time on figuring these HTML codes out...damn, i should have paid more attention in HTML class last time, i used to find HTML as boring as watching a log rot and thought that since i'm not much of a IT person, i shall not give a damn about these stupid codes and stuff, well too bad so sad, so flame me for being an inept when it comes to HTML, maybe when i really have nothing better to do, i will figure out these damn codes and see how this thing works, for now i will need to get my shit together for the next philosophy test and try not to screw it up like last week, which i only scored 67.50%... wish me luck guys, and i hope this counts as some sort of update?