Saturday, April 11, 2009

Hey!! Happy Easter everyone!!! I am now halfway through my first Uni semester!!! I can still remember feeling all so excited for Uni...which is rather stupid if you were to ask me now,because now i just can't wait to get this semester over with!!! So i am currently having my 2 week long Easter holidays, and it does not give me a holiday-ish feel... because i have tonnes of work to do... my stats quizzes, my marketing literature review and presentation, my economics and philosophy assignment ....goshh... i think i'm starting to hate Uni!! :P....anyways, my holiday have been good so far,been relaxing and bumming around.... haha i didn't mentioned that i spent almost all friday playing Final Fantasy 10!!! well i didn't finish the last time i played...which was almost like 6 years ago?? Too bad the ps2 decided to die on me today, which is a Saturday......maybe this is some sort of message that i should get started on my work!!! C'mon!! i am not done with my holidays yet!!! I am still planning to go to the Easter show but i currently have no company to go with!!! anybody up for the easter show?? was supposed to go with a few friends from Newcastle, but just found out that they are going with a group of 40 people!!thats right!! 40 living breathing homosapiens!!!on a superpacked Sunday with around 100,000 more people there!!! As most people will agree, i would prefer a "smaller" group.. so i rejected them. Sorry guys!! :) Ohhh!!! and did i mention that i am gonna get a new phone!!!! More info on it on the bext post!!! Till then, cheers!!