Thursday, May 14, 2009
omg!!! i have once again successfully abandoned my think my blog holds the world record for the lowest frequency of updates....i am so sorry my good friends, Uni has not been kind to me lately, had 2 assignments right after the semster break, not to mention that i spent 4 days rushing for my economics assignment last week, which i think i messed up because when i was uber tired and stressed up when i was producing the final "product", then after that i had to study for my statistics test, so i was averaging on 4 hours of sleep per day for a week(with 0% coffee mind you ;), not very healthy at all, but this is the price you have to pay if you enjoy the semester break haha, so now that i have some breathing room, i shall update my blog!!

So with the semester ending in about 4 weeks, it's pretty much crunch time now!! Things that are left on my checklist are Marketing literature review on product branding, Marketing group presentation, Philosophy final essay, and statistics final assignment!! Then finals comes about one week after that!! Damn and i am so worried about economics now! couldnt get a study group together :( looks like its a solo battle with economics!! i shall start studying for it today!!!

On a not so distressing note, i have applied for a job!! If everything goes well, this well might be my first job, i applied for a nightfill job at a nearby Woolworths supermarket!! Basically i will have to work from 7pm-3am if the job needs me, for up to 20 hours per week, i know the hours are shit but at least i get a pretty decent paycheck :P

So that about sums it up for my update! I will try to update more of the time allows me to...and wish me luck on getting the job!! peace out and stay tuned! :)