What the!@#$??

Thursday, May 21, 2009
I have always been known for being a clumsy person, once i slipped on my slippers which resulted in my knee hitting the sharp edge of a gutter, leaving a deep scar that remains till today, well today i have proven it again, so i arrived at the train station early, the train doesn't arrive in 7 minutes, so i thought it would be a good idea to "visit" the public toilet upstairs, bad mistake..... some of you may know that i like to "skip one step" when i am walking up staircases and escalators, people always say i shouldn't do it, as i may fall, well today is the day.... i fell and cut my finger......at first i thought it was just like a normal cut, i was wrong, the cut was deep, so deep that blood wouldn't stop oozing out from my fingertip.......i washed my hand again and again to get rid of the blood....to no avail, then i decided to ask for some band aid from the staff, luckily, the bleeding stopped shortly after that.....and this entry wouldn't be complete without pictures right?? so here goes..



Ying Xuan said...

walau! u ok?
nail din come out?
be careful next time la

Ben said...

haha no la juz a big chunk of skin