Weekend City Getaway

Friday, September 4, 2009
As i have mentioned in one of my previous posts, my mom is visiting me in Sydney for one weekand for the weekend, we went to the explored the city a little, i can't believe in my 7 months here, i have only been to the city only once, =.= so, on Saturday we pretty much just shopped around Chinatown...and had some Japanese food for dinner, food was nothing shout about, then the day pretty much ended as i still have my anthropolgy essay i needed to finish up on, but the real getaway started on Sunday as we walked around the City to The Rocks and The Opera House, but the first order of business was breakfast, and after waiting for so many months, i finally got to eat at Mamak haha, it's a pretty well known Malaysian place and i have always wanted to come here since i have first heard of it!! haha and the food didn't dissapoint like many other Malaysian food served here either, the roti canai tasted almost exactly the same with the ones we have at home haha, but the maggie goreng and nasi lemak was pretty kick ass too, for Australian standard la.. haha

waiting for food at Mamak

Food@Mamak AWESOME!! :P

We then walked to The Rocks which is pretty much a tourist attraction, and shopped, i did not buy anything though, but i saw a cool t-shirt that i liked... too bad it's expensive..$40 is heaps for a t-shirt :( then later there is nothing much to talk about as we just kept walking around and just kept taking pictures, so i would let the pictures do the talking for me :)

Sydney Opera House
some random place lol
Opera house with mom and mom's friend

somewhere in The Rocks

Opera house close up

opera house

Then later at night we went to this chinese restaurant that comes highly recommended by a local friend who mentioned that the "siao long pao's" are a must try and to our surprise, it was beyond awesome!! haha its texture was perfect and the skin wasn't too flimsy, something that most other restaurants fail at.... but these ones here are pure gastronomic orgasm!! (for me) anyways the restaurant is just inside world square... and you can't miss it.. too bad i don't have the address with me...

dinner@ Ding Tai Fung or something like that

And that pretty much sums up my weekend escapade, oh yea it wasn't over just yet, you see, i was supposed to give my uncle a call when i arrive back at the station at home and my phone just happen to run out of battery and i don't remember any numbers to call from a public payphone, not forgetting that the last bus had just left and there was no taxis in sight, and everything was closed except for one cafe and one cyber cafe so i thought i was screwed for sure, but good thing the cyber cafe was there because i had to contact my cousin with msn to tell them that i have reached the station..how stupid of me not to remember the house number at least... another lesson learned here...


Ying Xuan said...

din tell wat u see in mamak meh? lol
btw,syd gt ding tai fung also?! their xiao long bao damn nice one la!

Ben said...

yea haha the xiao long baos are the best that i've tried! :P they have branch in nz also?

Ying Xuan said...

nola..i ate in Singapore and KL