Nice Long Weekend

Monday, October 8, 2007
Wow...its been too long since my last post, getting lazier these days..haha, i had a long weekend this week as i've got friday off because of some meeting between all icpu teachers, went to surfnet that night to enjoy a few dota matches with my old friends from school, then i got texted by clf asking to go back to school on the next day, the six formers were having their activities that day and we planned to visit our old frens, managed to meet some of them but many others were not there...i practiced football with clf and badminton with siu cheng, got tired and got invited by the guys from last night for another match of dota, well no one cant turn down a nice match!!! then went back to granddad's house to celebrate grandma's 73rd birthday, phew, what a busy day. I thought i could rest on Sunday but i was wrong, went to ampang park with my national service buddy and ended up doing nothing much but talk talk talk, well after that i got my rest and there goes my nice long weekend!