coffee caffeine coffee caffeine

Wednesday, October 10, 2007
been feeling very tired lately....tried coffee but they don't work anymore, i still get drowsy in class..especially the last period..psychology is my favourite subject and i find it very interesting, couldnt be boredom that's causing this...i've been drinking lots of coffee since around last year when i was preparing for spm... i always thought that coffee would give me the extra push but i can't feel it lately...maybe it's just all in my head? haha but i am not totally addicted to it!! maximum three cups a day and maybe four on bad days...anyways been reading about coffee and it's not very good, kills cell rapidly and bla bla bla...but it helps with some sort of cancer...hmm...maybe if i survive a cancer(if i have any), i would look a lot older than i really am!! lol!!!wat am i talking about anyway?? i think i should stop drinking this "get old fast" drink!!