reason for not blogging

Monday, October 29, 2007
i haven't been blogging for so long is because of the phone line porblem at my house, there's no dial tone, no dial tone means no calling anywhere, mind you i am using the dial up connection T.T,i know, i know, why not streamyx?! my line got cut long ago and my dad and me went to their office to settle some things, somehow we manage to work out that they reconnect them but that was months ago.... now i am thinking of getting a new line... =.= well,nothing i can do but wait for the telekom guy(which came few days ago and did nothing but ask me what was wrong with the phone...LOL?!?!, i was thinking "your job is to fix these, you tell me" so now i have to blog in my college, which is also having internet problems... tell me about coincidence!!