bomb scare in inti?!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008
if any of you guys are studying in the subang area( taylors, metro, inti, sri kl) you should have already know that there was a bomb scare in inti college yesterday at arounf 4pm, i didnt witness it first hand yesterday as i was sick at home,but what i know is that they got everyone evacuated and had the firefighters a.k.a Bomba to help with the situation, whether the bomb was real or not is still a mystery to me and my bet would be it's just a prank, i mean, why would anyone want to bomb a college? i mean if i were a terrorist(which i am not) and i had a bomb(also which i do not have), i would bomb the parliament or something like that, but who knows? after all, it takes a terrorist to know another, but i sure hope that it's just a prank as i do not like the idea that the college right beside mine is going to explode at any given time!!


Ying Xuan said...

mayb summone jealous they build a new building.
Taylors is suspicious too. haha

Ben said...

lol... also maybe someone very wuliao go n prank everyone, looks like his prank worked...

Ying Xuan said...

who will so wuliao o?
u? or ur evil twins- Edmund?