National service

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

i got a random sms from one of my national service friends a few days ago, hmm,.. reminded me of my national service days, you can say that i enjoyed my 3 months of national service as i can tell you i've learned a lot from that experience,amongst them are washing my own clothes to standing under the scorching hot sun for 2 hours straight, but the most important thing is that i have learn to get along with people, regardless of ethnicity, in camp, we came from many different parts of Malaysia, and that has gotten rid of my misconception about others, people always say people from this race are like that, often enough you will hear "it's them again,it's always them it's in their nature to act like that", this common stereotype against other races has made my first few days... hellish, but i soon made friends and found out that those statements are not always true and it was after that i have started enjoying being a national serviceman, for those of you who got your letter and is trying to escape, you have to feel lucky that you have the chance as it is only a once in a lifetime experience...for me, i would love to go again, but alas, this is only my point of view and i am sure that everyone has their own opinions, and this post of mine is not intended to offend anyone or whatsoever