LRT technical problem...again!!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

i understand that problems do occur once in a while and things don't as we like, but this is too much!!! for quite a few times, the putra lrt has caused me to be late for several times and today is the worst!!!! it was all running smoothly until i reached the amapang park station, when only 2 out of 4 doors opened, causing people to psuh around, okay, that's tolerable, but it gets worse, they stop in the station without opening the door for about a minute or so and they start to depart several minutes after closing the doors, which caused a massive delay for everyone, so i heard a few "tch's" and sighs, i wasn't that pissed until they even slowed the train down, so the train would normally take 3 minutes to reach its next destination has became 10,i guess something went really as they had to suspend the train at taman jaya due to technical difficulties, i felt like the luckiest guy as my destination was taman jaya and the train was suspended IN taman jaya, how lucky can you get?? ahh.. putra lrt cannot afford mistakes like this as many many people are relying on the lrt system, if you go down, we go down, i sure hope that the government will fulfill their promise to improve the transportation system as we need it badly!!!! i am sure that almost everyone has come across their own version of lrt screw ups right?


Ying Xuan said...

not oni lrt, ktm also like that
summore always encourage ppl use public transport.
what the hell la!

Ben said...

hmm.. ktm is even worst than lrt sometimes, always delay, haizz, why cant we have something like the bullet train?