Monday, February 9, 2009
Hey there! this will be my very post from Sydney, the previous doesn't really count because i personally do not consider it as a post, so here's latest headlines on my life, on the night of my arrival, we had a Chinese New Year reunion dinner, and i must say that the food was great!

Dinner!! :P

Dinner + Relatives

We even had Lou Sang!! but with different ingredients with the one from Malaysia

After Dinner, a few cousins of mine wanted to play poker, since my uncle has a Poker Set and Table at the ready!!and they asked me to join!lolz haha i told them i never played before, but i joined them i the anyways we started with i think 5 or 6 chips per person, and as i learn the game, i found it very fun indeed!! haha, maybe it's because we didn't play with real money that made it so fun :P
Ian during mid game

Dave during mid game, gosh he's only 16 and look at he already has a knack for Poker!!

Me during mid game... i know i know i suck!!

However, i did win something back later

We played for about and hour or so and Joanne is already bugging Tien to leave, thats when a miracle happened, i continuosly won a few times and my winnings were like this!

My final winnings!!! and yes i was chatting on msn and playing poker at the same time :p


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