Life in Sydney so far

Saturday, February 21, 2009
It's been almost two weeks since i arrived here in Sydney, and surprisingly, i don't feel as homesick as i thought i would be... as a matter of fact, i don't feel like i am 4000 miles away from home either, but i'm sure no one wants to know how i feel know, so lets just cut the chase and see what i've done in 2 weeks!

On the 13th, i went to Uni for Orientation day, before going into the hall, i met this Brazilian dude, Rodrigo, who had lived in Malaysia for the past 2 years, and coincidentally, is also taking a degree in International Business. And when i was in the orientation hall, 90% of the people inside were Asian!! i was asking myself "I came all the way here to meet more Asians???", but it turns out that it was an orientation for international students, mostly people from Hong Kong, China, Korea, Singapore and Malaysia, hmm and there was this American dude i think... and more surprisingly i saw some students who went in with their parents!! i was damned surprised to see that anyone who is attending Uni needs to be accompanied by parents, maybe for "special" students, but they looks perfectly normal to me!! or maybe it's not for me to judge...oh well, it's none of my business anyways. lolz

The on the 16th, i went to Uni for enrolment, with a planned timetable in hand, i tried to mash all the classes into 3 days a week so that i don't need to spend too much money on transportation. unfornately all the good times were chosen by the local students and the International students whos surname starts with A-G or whatever, it's not fair that my surname starts with a T, we T-Z's get to choose last amongst all the International students, bad luck i guess.... so now i have to go to uni everyday, and on thursday just to attend one tutorial.... dammit!

Some random pictures to follow

My Student Card.....

My room....

My bed.. doesn't look like much, but trust me, it's damn comfortable!! i have trouble getting up in the morning.. i just don't want to wake up haha!