New Semester

Sunday, August 9, 2009
I can't believe i am saying this again, i have yet again abandoned my blog for the past month or so....sometimes i think my blog must be the least updated one in blogspot....=.= Anyways, after just scraping by with last semester's results, i vowed to do a lot better this semester, and step 1 was to uninstall all the games on my laptop(with the exception of counter strike and team fortress 2, because i don't really play them very often, like once a month or less?) step 2 is to start studying already, well so far i am proud to say that i am doing well with both steps, sure hope i can maintain this throughout the semester and reach my target of 4 distinctions!!

So you must be wondering what do i do in my free time? It would be impossible to just study all day for someone like me right? After quitting gaming for good, i have started practising on the guitar alot, and i am amazed at how much i have improved over the week compared to the many months that i have been "touching" the guitar, i used to practise for less than 1 hour each day because the very beginning of learning to play is very boring, and with so many games, it's kind of hard to practise for me at least >.<

And also, friends have been asking when would i be back to Malaysia, I must say that it is highly unlikely that i will go back this year as one of my cousins might get married at the end of this year, and my family are planning to come over here to attend, and while they are at it, travel around Australia... so with that, i wouldn't want them to waste more money on my air ticket their ticket here is not cheap at all.... However, nothing is confirmed yet, so i guess there might still be a chance that i would be back!! something which i can't wait for!! >.<