Quitting coffee..temporarily

Tuesday, August 18, 2009
Hey guys, i am pretty sure most of my friends know that i like coffee a lot.. but looks like i'll need to kick that habit for a while now due to some minor health issues, it seems that the consumption of coffee and the like aggravates this "condition" and is getting very annoying and that is why i'm going to try a few weeks without coffee and see if this changes anything, well can't say that this will be easy but i have done it once before and lasted for about 2 weeks? now i am aiming for like maybe 3 weeks? sure that everything will go according to plan! :) or maybe i will update my progress here so that i'll have more reasons pull this off instead of giving up on the first or second day.. lol

Day 1
sometimes it feels like the first day is the hardest, i almost failed a couple of times today but i somehow managed to convince myself otherwise, but it is not without certain "side-effects", i had a mild headache, felt tired and all, and when i looked in the mirror i can see dark circles around my eyes, but i grabbed myself a diet coke during lunch and i almost instantly felt better! talk about psychological side effects eh? anyways today is not over yet and i am typing this from the library, but im pretty sure i'll pull through today with no problems! ;)

so that about wraps it up for day 1, haha i will try to keep everyone updated here, but my internet line at home got capped and is now half as fast as a dial up connection, i can't even load facebook... =.= so yea, till the next post!


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