All in a days work

Thursday, August 20, 2009
As mentioned in my previous post, i am happy to declare that i am still going strong without coffee!! :) although i somehow feel that i tire more quickly these few days, but no matter! i will get rid of his bad habit!

On an unrelated note however, i can't help but think that not all bad things that happen is really that bad at all, take this morning for example, after oversleeping by 1 hour and missing the bus, i really thought i was screwed, i was supposed to hand in my information systems tutorial homework during my 11am tutorial, and the next bus doesn't come until 11am!! and it takes about 40 minutes to reach uni and about 10 minutes to reach my classroom, so you could imagine i was pretty screwed, but it seems that things are not as bad as i expected, first, my uncle whom i am living with was extremely nice to offer to send me all the way to uni, thanks uncle!! :):) and second, my tutor was also kind enough to let me email him my work when i reach home, how cool is that? but i think he is gonna penalize me for handing it in late! >.<, not forgetting that if i had arrived early, i would have handed in the wrong questions as i have mistaken done the wrong set of questions( how extremely retarded of me!!). Damn i have to say it was lucky of me oversleeping!! but certainly i will not make it a habit! since its my first time oversleeping for class @.@

Anyways, next week is gonna be tough!! my anthropology essay on Love is due... my information systems assignment is due... management test is also gonna be on, not to mention all the tutorial homework!!! good thing i have friday and monday off!! :P so off to the books i go!! oh did i mention.. mom is coming to visit in 2 weeks!! >.<


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