Le Vampy Fashion House

Thursday, December 25, 2008
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Decided to post this because it's really makes sense and it somehow explains our different life stages in our lifetime...


神答應了。 第二天,神創造了猴子。 神跟猴子說:「你要娛樂人類,令他們歡笑你要表演翻觔斗,而你只能吃香蕉。我給你20年的壽命。」 猴子抗議:「要引人發笑,表演雜技,還要翻觔斗,這麼辛苦,我活10年好了。」

神答應。 第三天,神創造了狗。 神對狗說:「你要站在門口吠。你吃主人吃剩的東西。我給你25年的壽命。」 狗抗議:「整天坐在門口吠,我要15年好了,餘下的還給你。」

神答應。 第四天,神創造了人。 神對人說:「你只需要睡覺,吃東西和玩耍,不用做任何事情,只需要盡情享受生命,我給你20年的壽命。」 人抗議:「這麼好的生活只有20年」

神沒說話。 人對神說「這樣吧。牛還了30年給你,猴子還了10年,狗也還了10年,這些都給我好了,那我就能活到70歲。」 神答應了。

這就是為甚麼我們的頭20年,只需吃飯、睡覺和玩耍。 之後的30年,我們像一條牛整天工作養家。 接著的10年,我們退休了,我們得像隻猴子表演雜耍來娛樂自己的孫兒。 最後的10年,整天留在家裡,像一條狗坐在門口旁邊看門

Credits to "Final" for sending this to me.

America 2008 part 2(Disneyland)

Friday, November 28, 2008

After a good night's sleep, we headed over to the Disneyland, which is one of the most famous landmarks of Los Angeles, hotel was also generous enough to provide all customers a free shuttle ride to Disneyland(but not generous enough to provide free WiFi ), so we got there at abt 9 and we also had two parks to choose from, the California Adventure park and another park which is named Disneyland.....

For today we decided to go to Disneyland Park as we bought a 2 day ticket and can come back again another day to explore the California Adventure park,

so i was busy looking around for nice scenes to capture, a band started to march in out of nowhere, and this is no ordinary brass band, they have worked here since the establishment of Disneyland, and it was some special day for them i guess...

and behind them were some Disney characters!!

Sadly, being an amateur photographer, i didn't take many nice pics, however i did take a lot of crappy pictures, which i am won't posting here, hopefully my photography skills will improve in the near future so i can attract more readers? haha

So being in Disneyland, the rides are the main attractions right? i took many of them without a fuss, but i wouldn't say so for the "space mountain" ride, that was the most batshit insane ride i experienced in my life, it plunges u at i dunno how bloody fast speed in the darkness with turns sharper than Luke Skywalker's lightsaber, after the ride ended, hey wait, it was only half way through when i started to feel sick, i was thinking "did i just came all the way here to vomit?" i recovered by drinking some coke, having some lunch, and sitting for abt and hour or so...

Then i was thinking finally i can enjoy the rides again!! so i took this innocent looking wild west style roller coaster, hmm we have something like that in sunway too right? won't be too bad eh? how wrong was i, 10 seconds into the ride and i was clawing at the safety bar thing, I WANNA GET OUT OF HERE!!" it was actually something similar with the earlier space mountain, but with a different theme, when the ride ended, my stomach is starting to fail me , i need to vomit somewhere!!finally found a toilet in abt 15 mins...i could tell u that was one hell of a ride!!

And as if the upset stomach isn't enough, there was a forest fire raging nearby(30 minutes away if im not wrong)the sky turned from clear blue to smoggy ash colored, compare this picture with the ones from above.

We spent the rest of the day walking around exploring, nothing much to be told there but i did saw one really cool attraction, but it's only for kids, haha it's a "Jedi Academy", kids get to train in the ways of the force and they get to battle with Darth Vader, how cool is that? i would certainly join in 10 years ago.. haha
Well, that pretty much sums up my day in Disneyland.. Vegas is coming up next!!!

America 2008 part 1

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

As a few of you may know, i am going to spend this holiday season in various parts of America, and this will be my first attempt at a travel log.. hope you will find it interesting! :)

I left for America on the 14th of November, first flight was to Hong Kong at 9am, transit before i board the plane the America, and after 15 hours in an airplane, i finally reached my destination, Los Angeles at 1pm 14th November!! GMT is cool!! i just experienced 2 fridays!!! ;)

The first thing i arrived in the hotel, Knotts' Berry Farm Resort. i asked the receptionist about their WiFi, good news is they have fast WiFi, and bad news is the bloody expensive rate, which pretty much explains why i haven't been online for 10 days, $4.99 for a 1 hour plan, $9.99 for a 24 hour plan and $149.99 for a 1 week plan, or one can also use the desktops at their lobby, which rates are even more outrageous, here $5 gets you 15 minutes, and 30 cents for every subsequent minute added with 50 cents for every page u surf!! the current exchange rate is rm3.50 to USD $1,so try to imagine how i felt!!

I pretty much stayed in the hotel room for the rest of the day as i was damned tired after spending 12 straight hours in the plane, i can tell you taking a poop in the sky is quite an experience lolz

And yea, one more thing, for dinner, i went into a chicken dinner restaurant 5 minutes away from the hotel and when i got my food, i was amazed at their godlike appetite!! half a chicken per person!! excluding the side meal of soup,salad,bread,and mashed potato!!! i could only finish a quarter of the chicken with all the side dishes, packed the rest for the next day!!

Well, the first part of my travel log is done!! haha stay tuned for more! please? :P

no entry?

i know there hasn't been any new entries for quite some time, and i guess i have zero readers now, but do not despair!! as i have found new blogging material, ideas are now flowing like my nose when i have a cold!!okay,, bad example, more like flowing like a water tap!! haha so be on a lookout for a new post people!!

The Deadliest Martial Arts on Earth!!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008
Well, you've watched WWE, Boxing, or even Muay Thai Kickboxing, but nothing will prepare you for this.... enjoy.....

DRIVING LICENSE!?!!??!!!!?!!!

Thursday, September 18, 2008
As some of you may know, i am taking my JPJ test today(driving license test), and i am here to announce that...................................it was a complete disaster... lolzx...I SCREWED UP, BIG TIME, as hard as i tried to remain calm as advised by all my friends, i was as NERVOUS as a criminal waiting for his execution, i was so nervous that when i was called up for my on the road test, i couldn't really feel my feet, thus unable to control the clutch properly, causing the engine to stall, i repeated that for 3 times and my chance of getting a license A.S.A.P vanished, but wait, i had one more chance at the tracks, well i wanted to at least pass one section!!!but alas, my early failure raised much doubts about myself and i have lost all my will to complete the test, because from my lessons, my biggest and perhaps only problem was on the slopes, for some reason, i can't seem to position my tyre on the yellow line, other than that, i was confident that i can pass everything else with ease, how wrong was i when my engine stalled 3 times in a row, destroying my confidence and morale, as i have never stalled my engine 3 times in a row before, and not to mention i expected an easy pass on the road, my biggest worry was the slopes..... well no point crying over split milk, i have only myself to blame for being freaked out, well at least when i repeat i know what to expect from those JPJ officers........ i'll just have to remind myself that they are not scaryt at all when i resit!!

Song Of The Monet: Boulevard Of Broken Dreams by Green Day =P

tagged by clf

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

the last person to tag u is:
- Joyce Seow

what relationship of u wif him/her:
- Friend

your 5 impression towards her:
- Friendly
Very Chatty
Cute XD, if u see this, dun kill me!!!!
a bit short?? again dun kill me if u see this!!! :P

The most memorable thing that he/she has done to u:

hmmmm...... nothing in particular, but we did sms each other quite a lot last time?? does that count? :P

The most memorable words that he/she said to u:
- Too many to remember la.....

if he/she becomes ur lover, u will:
- i would be very surpirsed lolz

if he/she becomes ur enemy, u will:
- not talk to her anymore??(but i dun really hate anyone..)

if he/she becomes ur lover, he/she has to improve on?:
- i would need to know her better for this question lar.. :P

if he/she becomes ur enemy, the reason is?:
- i wouldn't know as i never had any enemies

The most desirable thing to do for him/her is?
- hmmmm.....give her my dragon ball dvd's that she wanted a few weeks ago!! lolzx!! nothing really

The overall impression to he/her is?
- a friendly n a good person to talk to?

How do you think the people around you will feel about you?
- They think i'm batshit insane and will pull off many stupid things( ring any bells edmund?)n talkative maybe?

The character for you for yourself is?
- i think that im quite easygoing and happy go lucky(hence the name for my blog)

On contrary, the character you hate of yourself is?
- my lack of confidence

The most ideal person you want to be is?
- Iker Casillas :P he's my number 1 sports idol!! but seriously, i never gave this a thought before

For the person who cares and likes you, say something about them.
- u rock my socks!! and thanks for all the things u did/will do for me :P and sorry if i did something that angered you..remember that i don't really mean all the things i say when im mad



Monday, September 15, 2008
I renewed my passport recently and came across the old pictures of me, since my blog is lacking of updates, i decided to post the pics here,

and before you say anything, yes i know, i never fail to look like crap in all the photos and these are lousy shots... but an update is an update right? :P

a real update...finally

Friday, August 8, 2008
i guess i haven't really updated my blog for months now, well doings tags aren't really updating, is it? oh well, here a scoop on what's been happening......

First of all i should be getting my L license in a day or two, THEN i can really learn how to drive, i can't stand driver's ed classes, 11 hours of it if u put them together.....pure torture, not to mention that i failed my first attempt at the undang test by 1 mark!!! my second attempt wasn't far off either, barely passed with 43/50, again, by one mark.....i guess i just have something with the one mark thing...

Also,after waiting for weeks, i finally got my guitar,and i've been spending the past week learning how to play a guitar, can't play a song yet, trying to memorize the chords now, then i can go to tabs or i could play a song with chords....

And last but not least, i got the offer letter to Macquarie University!! now all i need to do is to sign some confirmation letter and get a student visa and get a medical check-up, then i'm as good as gone...might be leaving around January next year... phew... that means i have a few more months to catch up with friends until i leave for good....
Thursday, August 7, 2008
You Are Occasionally a Wimp
You're pretty tough in every day life. You don't back down easily.
However, you can be a wimp at times, especially in stressful situations.
You can be overwhelmed or intimidated or just plain scared when life gets rough.
While these are natural reactions, you may want to face your fears a little more.

You Are a Little Negative...
You can be negative from time to time, but you rarely go overboard.
You have a realistic view of the world, and most people appreciate your honest insights.

Like everyone else, you have your darker moods.
But when you're feeling super negative, you keep your feelings to yourself.

Your Response is: Flight
You rather leave then deal with a dangerous or uncomfortable situation.
You can't deal with too much drama or stress. It's really hard for you to cope.

You are easily scared, freaked out, or intimidated.
And while it's good to be prudent, not everything may be as freaky as it seems!

You Are a Realist
You don't see the glass as half empty or half full. You see what's exactly in the glass.
You never try to make a bad situation seem better than it is...
But you also never sabotage any good things you have going on.
You are brutally honest in your assessments of situations - and this always seems to help you cope.

Monday, August 4, 2008
Name: Ben
Sisters: -
Shoe size: 10.5
Height: 177cm
Where do you live: setiawangsa, kl
Favourite drinks: anything that doesnt taste bitter!!(except coffee)
Favourite breakfast: skip breakfast most of the time
Have you ever been on a plane?: a couple of times
Swam in the ocean: with lifejacket.. is that swimming?(i cant swim @_@)
Fallen asleep at school: haha who doesn't?
Broken some one's heart: don't think so
Fell off your chair: dun remember..
Sat by the phone all night waiting for a call: nop
What is your room like: messily tidy... lol
What's right beside you: table fan, guitar
What is the last thing you ate: rice
Ever had chicken pox: yea
Sore throat: nop
Stitches: nop
Broken nose: nop
Do you believe in love at first sight: hmmm... it depends
Like picnics:
never been to one..
Who was the last person you danced with: a whole bunch of people, weeks ago at alex's farewell
Last made you smile: comic.. lol
You last yelled at: the wall, coz i lost all my guitar picks..(and found it later in the dustbin)

Today did you:
Talk to someone you like: can't talk to someone that does not exist!!
Kissed anyone: my pillow...
Get sick: slight flu in the morning
Talk to an ex: again, non-existent haha
Miss someone: i miss.... a lot of people from college!!
: a lot of stuff :P

Best feeling in the world: hmm...dunno lol
Do you sleep with stuffed animals: NOOO!!
What's under your bed: people that crosses me!! lolzx juz kidding
Who do you really hate: losing stuff, people screaming
What time is it now?: 2105

Is there a person who is on your mind now: hahahahaha no
Do you want children: dunno, haven't thought abt it
Do you like your hand-writing: sometimes...
Do you smile often: i can't see my own face
Are your toe nails painted: nop
Whose bed other than yours would you rather sleep in: Bill Gate's(not with him in it though)
What were you doing at 7:00 p.m.: practicing my guitar
What color shirt are you wearing now: white
I can't wait till: i know how to play some full songs
When did you cry last: a couple of months ago....
Are you a friendly person: i guess so...
Do you have any pets: 4 dogs
Where is the person you have feelings for right now? in blank space, there is no such person
Did the last person you held hands with mean anything to you now? never held hands T.T
Do you sleep with the TV on? i doze off sometimes
What are you doing right now?: typing answers for this of course
Have you ever crawled through a window?: nop
Can you handle the truth?: depends, but not really
Are you too forgiving?: yea
Are you closer to your mother or father?: mother
Who was the last person you cried in front of?: Azif, and i am so gonna kill him, he knows too much!! XP
How many people can you say you've really loved?:
Do you eat healthy?: whenever i eat home
Do you still have pictures of you & your ex?: nop. no ex's!! :)
Have you ever cried because of something someone said to you?: i guess so
If you're having a bad day, who are you most likely to go to?: i pick randomly!!
Are you loud or quiet most of the time?: loud i guess
Are you confident?:
it really depends on the situation, but mostly nop
5 person I tag:
ying xuan
yi peng

tagged by kirtti

Sunday, July 27, 2008

before i start, i want to give credit to kirtti for "reviving" my blog.. haha

10 person I can think of right now..

Actually im juz thinking about 7 people only the other 3 tembak saja

1. Kirtti

2. Fei

3. CLF

4. Edmund

5. Mark

6. John

7. Lauren

8. Emily

9. Yi Peng

10. Ronnie

Who is no.6 having relationship with?
:: i don't know.. haha

Is no.9 a male or female?
:: female.

If no.7 and 10 are together, will it be a good thing?
:: not really.. haha

What is no.2 studying about?
:: not sure what course in monash

When was the last time you had a chat with no.3?
:: yesterday

What kind of music band does no.8 like?
:: don't know

Does no.1 have any siblings?
:: i think he has a sister

Will you woo no.3 ?
:: i would if i'm gay, but i'm not :)

How about no.7?
:: errr....i guess so. haha

Is no.4 single?
:: last i checked, yes

What is the surname of no.5?
:: is it reagen or anthony?

What's the hobby of no.4?
i have no idea...

Does no.5 and 9 gets along?
:: sure!!

Where is no.2 studying at?
:: monash, pj

Talk something casually about no.1:
:: funny ass guy!!!

Have you tried developing feeling for no.8 ?
:: wow, that would be suicidal...chris would kill me!! haha

Where does no.9 live?
:: haha, somewhere in kl?!

What colour does no.4 like?
again... i have no idea

Are no.5 and 1 best friends?
:: nop

Does no.7 like 2 ?
:: not really

How do you get to know no.2?
:: in economics class last sem!!

Does no.1 have any pets?
:: dunno.... lol

Is no.7 the sexiest person in the world?
:: hahahahahaha, i dont really think so

What is no.10 doing now?
:: working somewhere........

I tag;
ying xuan
yi peng


Wednesday, June 25, 2008
with most of my friends heading of to uni, i'm still deciding which uni to go, and the worst part is that i may be going for the february 09 intake, that's 7 months, ahh wel, planning to attend English courses at British Council to improve my english in order to cope with the lectures at Australia, but my main dilemma now is that i don't know which uni i should go, my first choice is Macquarie University, second would be University of New South Wales, following would be Sydney University, University of Techonology Sydney, or University of Newcastle, with all of them sitauted in the Sydney area and the tuiton fees similar(except for newcastle), the main concern here would be the location......
Macquarie Campus

Unversity of New South Wales

Sydney University

University of Technology Sydney


tagged by alex!!

Saturday, June 21, 2008
5 Easy Steps:
1. Put your music player on shuffle.
2. Press forward for each question.
3. Use the song title as the answer to every question.
4. With the answers, comment on how it relates to the question.
5. Tag your maters.

1. How am I feeling today?
Holiday - Boys like Girls
it says in the song that i need a holiday, but I AM in holiday!! weeeeeeeeeee!!

2. Will I get far in life?
Our Farewell - Within Temptation
no correlation!!!

3. How do my friends see me?
All that i'm living for - Evanescence
woah, i'm all they are living for?? i doubt so... lolzx

4. Will I get married?
紫藤花 - S.H.E
Hell i wanna marry Hebe or Selina!!!! (L)

5. What is my best friend(s) theme song?
你比從前快樂 - Jay Chow
i know a friend that is crazy over Jay, but she isn't my best friend???

6. What is the story of my life?
Flipside - The Click Five
yeah, it somewhat reflect my second semester at college, but definitely not my life?!?

7. What was high school like?
旋律melody - unknown artist
哈哈, 一前我真的不懂要怎么表答,搞到现在这样!!!lolzx

8. What's in store for this weekend?
i still believe - 曹格/徐若瑄
i still believe that Spain has a chance at the Euro 08!!! go Spain go!!!

9. How is my life going?
I'll be there - RyanDan
uh oh.... emo song!! where there is love... i'll be there, however i don't see how is this related to how my life is going...

10. How can I get ahead in life?
Beat It - Michael Jackson
i need to beat it!!!! beat it!!!! beat it!!!

11. What’s the best thing about your friends?
Puzzle of my heart - Westlife
i guess they are each a piece of puzzle of my heart?? lolzx

12. What song will they play at my funeral?
Wait for you - Elliot Yamin
hah!! i'll be waiting for you guys up there!!!

13. How does the world see me?
Angel's Wing - Westlife
another westlife song!!!!would i be the angels wing?? i seriously doubt it!! lol

14. Do people secretly lust for me?
Business - Eminem
Let's get down to business, i got no time to play around with this diss.... okayyy rigghhttt.....total randomness

15. How can I make myself happy?
倫敦大橋垮下來 - S.H.E
i guess by staring at Selina or Hebe all day can make me happy!!!! (L)

16. What should I do with my life?
倒带- Jay Chow
yess!! i so wanna rewind my life now!!!!

17. Will I ever have children?
We'll be together - Ashley Tisdale
woah... this is getting more and more random by the minute!!

18. What would you strip to?
丝路 - 梁静茹
........................................................no comment

19. What does your mom think about you?
Lose Control - Evanescence
she is losing control over me??

20. What is your deep, dark secret?
Iris - Goo Goo Dolls
one of my fav emo songs!! no secret abt that...

21. What is your mortal enemy’s theme song?
If i let u go - Westlife
i used to have a good friend who loved westlife?! ironically he was also some sort of an enemy haha

22. What is your personality like?
Detroit - Eminem & Trick Trick
this song is so not me larh!!!

23. What song will be played at your wedding?
Sunday Morning - Maroon 5
oh yea, i'm beginning to visualize it.... lolzx

24. Your overall theme song?
Rock with you - Michael Jackson
this is so 90's!!! classic!! can say its my overall theme song tho!!

In Conclusion - This is a very random tag and it does not make any sense!!!
i'm tagging Ying Xuan, Vivian Yap, Kirtti, Fei, and any one who wants to do this!!

graduation celebrations

Saturday, June 14, 2008
to celebrate this eventful day, we went to The Curve and had some drinks, first we went to Laundry for some beer and food,

me and mei chun

me doing something stupid with david

candid shot of mei chun

David starting to get out of control

After eating, we went to IceBar for drinks...

david ong, david choo, john, edmund, and ronnie

me, samantha, david

lauren showing off her drinking capacity!

david monkey raving!!(he lost in a truth or dare game)


time flashes past you faster than anyone can realize, icpu has come to an end, and it's time to part ways with many friends again, hmm.... i can still remember my first day at taylors, haha i was looking for our multi purpose hall for orientation!! felt like the first day of kindergarden!! lolzx oddly enough, i don't feel that classes are over and i still have this feeling that this semester is a new semester although it's over...haha, here are some pictures of our graduation ecremony,

The Traditional candle lighting ceremony, the Canadian way...

me, yi peng, edmund, mark

me and the crazy economics teacher, mr moaz!!

me and the best teacher i ever had!!! mr adnan!!

john, mark, lauren, david, mr.hanna, edmund, alex and me

prom night!!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008
yes, finally prom night is here, or should i say MingHan night(or however u spell it), having prom queen nominees dancing around him who is also voted as a prom king nominee, every guy in that ballroom felt sorry for themselves, why can't it be me?! that was the question most guys had in their heads that night, don;t worry guys!! our time will come!! most of the time was spent on chatting, camwhoring, eating and talking, and i haven't mentioned how small the ballroom was, i think our MPH is bigger...but again, this is from the guy who suck at math!! Edmund being the alcholic, got drunk from orange juice and started asking for Brandy from the waiters, unfortunately they don;t serve any form of alcohol that night, Edmund got so angry that he smashed a bottle on the waiter's head, lucky for that guy that SJMC is just 5 minutes away, note to self, never deny Edmund his alcohol.... anyways i should have a lot of pics to share, but being the stupid cow that i am, i left my camera at a friends house and had to use Edmund's camera.... so i will upload more pics when he sends them to me!!

James, me and Felix
Me and Mr. Adnan
Me, yueji, and Patricia
Me and Emily
Me and Mr. Hanna